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You Make Loving Fun


Lindsey: You Make Loving Fun might be my favorite song of Christine's. It seems to cover so much ground on so many levels. She's got this clavinet part which is very her, but the approaches were a little bit different from what we did on other songs.
Christine: I felt it needed something dark underneath it. And it was'it was a clavinet with a wah-wah pedal. And Mick was on the floor doing it manually.
Lindsey: I thought on a production level that song turned out really well and just in terms of reeling out Christine's normal tendencies. The feel of it is just so great. It©s got a real nice R&B feel to it. It actually took a turn for the ethereal and sweet that you wouldn't expect from where it was going in the beginning. I remember being up at Wally Heider's and just trying to make that "never did believe" section go somewhere else and then make it snap back into place.
Christine: I©ve got the luxury of building this on my own. I built up this rocking riff with the bass and drums. The whole thing was all keyboards.
Mick: All keyboard players seem to be detached sometimes. And Chris has always been in that thing right there with me and John.
Christine: I had learned playing with Mick and John. I've never considered myself a lead keyboard player but part of the rhythm section.
Lindsey: That album is just rife with great tags. And that song was one of the best. Where you have a little bit at the end, where it is a little masterpiece unto itself.


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