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Don't Stop


Christine: I think I wrote that in the condos that Stevie and I shared.
Stevie: It was fabulous. Chris and I did move into two little apartments right next door to each other. And we had a ball. It was really neat.
Lindsey: Don't Stop was really Christine's song. It's in the tradition of her roots and John and Mick's 12 bar blues roots and shuffles.
John: The ole shuffle was right up Mick and mine's alley.
Mick: That's why we get paid the big bucks! (laughter)
Christine: I've written a few shuffles before. This one being my most famous. I think I was very happy when I wrote it.
Lindsey: The fact that we shared verses, and mine was first, it kind of muddied the lines of whose song it was. But it really was kind of a great collaboration in the sense that some of hers and mine musical senses overlap© and I think it worked very well to the advantage of that song.



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