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Lindsey:  I think we had a working title of "Strummer", I think because it did start off as a kind of a strummy, acoustic feel. But I think the intent for that song was to be kind of a dance beat. I know Richard Dashut and I had been driving around from town to town during those days and had heard Jive Talking by the Bee Gees. And we really liked the feel of that, and they had a rolling kind of thing behind it. That was always my intention for the feel that it should have. And I think eventually we got there. We did accomplish that. Mick's first inclination of the drum feel was to go more folky. He had kind of a press role, a loose pattern, an Irish approach, which was a more literal approach of what the song really was and what it was giving off in its initial stages. It had quite a few interesting textures on it. A lot of people remarked on the snare sound, which was kind of ringy and thin. It wasn't exactly what was considered state of the art and it was kind of retro...and that was cool. We also had a percussive roll that was from the seat of a nawgahide chair that was sitting around in the studio.
Mick: You definitely found yourself doing things that were off the wall. Some things worked, some didn't.
Lindsey: Found sounds have always been something that interested me.
Mick:  We did well with our furniture! (laughs)


Never Going Back Again Don't Stop
Go Your Own Way Silver Springs
The Chain You Make Loving Fun
I Don't Want To Know Oh Daddy
Gold Dust Woman Songbird


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