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Go Your Own Way


Lindsey: It may have been the first song that I played as an offering to the band. It was in Miami, and I played it for them, and it met with such a strong response. It really broke the ice and set the tone for the album in general. It got everyone off on the right foot, and let everyone feel that we had a strong place to go.
Mick: Lindsey has this very specific idea for the drum parts he wanted. But one thing he didn't realize was that I couldn't play them. And it blew his mind! (laughs) He said you have to be able to play that! He had liked some of the parts on the early Fleetwood Mac records.
Lindsey: After we got to Sausalito to begin recording, I was listening to a Stones song called Street Fighting which had a drum beat similar to what Mick played. It wasn't the kind of thing Mick did, and he did his own version.
Mick: I did as good a job as I could do to get Lindsey's beat...and then completely screwed it up! (laughter)
Lindsey: The solo at the end was certainly a template for things that happened after that. I really think Ken Caillat did a great job of getting the sound that solo needed. It defined an approach for years to come.
Mick: I can certainly say that the solo, without fail, to this day I get goosebumps. Especially in the car. I turn it up and go "YES"! It's so cool. It's one of the most classic guitar solos ever. It's one more ounce of juice as you get out of the car. Brilliant.


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