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I Don't Want To Know


Lindsey: It was actually something Stevie and I were doing before we were in the band.
Stevie: It was on the demo we came to LA with.
Lindsey: That would've been back in 1974 when she wrote that. And we did perform that live on several occasions. I think it was slightly inspired by Buddy Holly, after the Buckingham Nicks era certainly. But when we tried to get things going, and we were dealing with indifference from management and label and people trying to get us on the circuit.
Mick: That song often gets forgotten about in terms of it being part of Rumours. I think it's really unique. You get those voices together. And that was their style. That's says what it was that we heard that they brought into this thing called Fleetwood Mac. Everything else grew from around that and all the exchanges with Chris and Lindsey and Stevie as writers and me and John playing. It became a unique thing.
Lindsey: We had to make a call on what the album needed. Kind of the group will would edit in and out what was working and what wasn't. And that was great. At the eleventh hour to cut in something and have it be so straight ahead, and it didn©t require any pondering at all. That's the atypical song on Rumours for sure.


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