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Silver Springs


Stevie: I got the idea from a freeway sign as we drove under the sign that said Silver Springs, Maryland. And that's the kind of writer that I am. If I hear a name I really like, I can maybe write a story about it.
Lindsey: It's an interesting song in what it seems to be saying. Very bittersweet because she's talking about being MY Silver Spring, and what we could have been as lovers. A beautifully put together song on a musical level. It has some of the best guitar work on the album, speaking for what I was able to contribute to it. A lot of layering and volume pedals, textures across the top, and acoustic picking.
Mick: The subtlety of what we got into as players you really hear a lot of these delicate things that went on during the recording. Most of it was amazingly natural.
Lindsey: I know Stevie was disappointed that it didn©t make it at the time. We were worried a bit about the flow of the album and what the album needed. It was a shame that it didn't make it. It was certainly warranted.
Mick: The reason why it didn't make it was because vinyl was good quality up to 22 minutes per side. So we had to cut a song unfortunately.
Christine: It's back where it belongs. It should©ve been on the record, and we all loved it. I get the chills actually, listening to it.
Lindsey: It's like a great scene from a movie that gets cut and left on the cutting room floor. But it is it's a great song.
Stevie: It's like the couple is back together!
Mick: At last I can rest easy. I was the unfortunate person who had to tell Stevie it wasn©t going on the album. Well now you can forgive me Stevie.


Never Going Back Again Don't Stop
Go Your Own Way Silver Springs
The Chain You Make Loving Fun
I Don't Want To Know Oh Daddy
Gold Dust Woman Songbird


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