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The Chain

Lindsey:  I think it was a really an interesting collaboration of forces. It started off as a song of Christine's called "Keep Me There" and much of that did not end up being the song. We had the tag ending to the song.
Mick: Lindsey ran with whatever Chris had formulated and then basically ended up hitting a brick wall. And it felt like the whole thing was just never gonna work. They all got this revelation, and suddenly it just made sense, like a jigsaw puzzle.
Lindsey: I came in one day, and said why don't we just remove the verses? And we can do some sort of measurement of what the tape is, and do a reverse count back from there to create a metronome to play to, and once we have the blank tape in we can figure out what we want to put in there! Mick or I laid down the kick drum that gave us a start point. Eventually I started fooling with the dobro and that became the foundation for what was written over that. The 3 part harmony of listen to the wind blow was a collaboration of the three writers.
Christine: I remember Stevie, Lindsey and myself sitting in my den and doing the 3 parts. Lindsey with his guitar and trying to figure out the chords things to go underneath the vocals.
Stevie: I had written another song. The whole "running in the shadows" tthing. And Lindsey said can we use this? So of course I said yes, so it was funny that I had that melody and those words or it never would've happened.
Mick: Lindsey is more prone to see different pieces of things. Not only in his own songwriting, but in the girls' songwriting and picking parts out
Lindsey: We were able to think of tape as a very plastic, cinematic and abstract way. Just to come up with pieces of music we could treat as pieces of film, and we came up with something that was truly a communal effort.
Stevie: I remember that great solo of John's (hums the bass solo) and it was like the monsters are coming! And we all loved that.
John: That was an Olympic fretless bass on a stainless fretboard with a pick. And I was just messin about in the studio and I just played the riff. Chris said, Oh! I like that!, So we kept it in. If I had my way, I would've brought the band in a little earlier on the ending it tends to stand out and look a little lonely out there, but it seems to work.
Mick: You can't change it now John, you'd break too many people©s hearts! (laughs)
Christine: I guess we must've just loved that bass part so much to do something with it. And Lindsey raved and put that guitar solo on it.
Mick: It's one of the best examples of how things can work from a different point of view. The collaboration of the band brought it back to the shape it©s now in. It's one of those songs that could've ended up in the dust bin, and it didn't.


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