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Oh Daddy


Mick: Great bass parts Johnny.
John: That just came out. I couldn't think of anything else to do. I still think it's too busy behind her voice. It works I guess.
Christine: Who was daddy? Well it was loosely based on Mick©s life.
Mick: Genius Chris! (laughs)
Christine: Mick's the big daddy for sure. And we always call him big daddy. I was being a little sarcastic on the chorus. You know, how can you think you©re always so right? And I could never get the last line. Stevie gave me last line and I can't walk away from you if I tried and I just knew I was going to say it.
Stevie: That is my very favorite Chris song. And it always, always was. I really came from a folk-singer guitar and song thing. With Chris, being an accomplished pianist, she came from a different place. So it's like we all have our strengths.
Lindsey: It's funny how certain little things that happen by accident in any creative process and get left in, because somehow they are happy accidents. You kind of have to be on the lookout for those things. Sometimes something very small can create an ambiance and magic and something that would be less if it didn't exist. There is a keyboard blip on the end, which was not something she was playing interpretively. You know it wasn't jazz! It was just her saying, hey what are you doing in there? And it got left in there just one of things you wait for.
Christine: We just decided to leave it in.


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