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Never Going Back Again


Lindsey: I remember writing that when we got off the road. It was written about a girl that I had met in New England and spent a very short amount of time with. Someone who really, initially, didn't want to spend time with me, and I talked her into it. And of course, been down one time, been down two times, never going back again is really a sweet sentiment. It's a naive sentiment. Because every time you are happy, you create this illusion for yourself that you're never gonna be unhappy again. Life doesn©t really work that way, and you have to learn to accept that you'll have ups and downs your entire life. So that was really the sentiment of the song for me.

We weren't clear initially how clear on how we wanted to approach it. I think Mick had put some brushes on it and therefore we had the working title of Brushes. Eventually it got paired down to just two guitars, a left and right guitar. It did go through it©s own evolution of trying other things. I think the initial attempt was going to be a more orchestral approach, a more layered approach. But I think eventually we came back to a simple approach with was suited to the sentiment of the song.


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