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Gold Dust Woman


Stevie: Well I'm sure the gold dust woman was me. It was kind of written about LA and how heavy it was here. The whole Los Angeles and "Hollywood thing" you know.
Lindsey: It's probably the loosest thing on the whole record, in the best possible way. It's kind of jazzy and moves into an area of non-structure. I think that©s where everything was going. It was really a no-holds-barred approach that started off in a structured place, and there were 3 part harmonies that were relative to everything else on the album.
Mick: It was a candidate to unleash a cacophony of sounds and things that you could hear trailing off over the mountains.
Stevie: Didn't we do something very scary like throwing down glass? I think we took it off in the end because it was too scary and we did it again on Tusk I think.
Lindsey: It's a great piece. The whole tag of that song Mick was doing some transcended keyboard parts and it was really an evolving song.
Mick: Transcension was a word made back in the 70s. Truly from fatigue or various abuses, one found yourself doing things that were off the wall. Some worked and some didn't. It was truly an example of that because Stevie thought she was a cat! (Stevie purrs)


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