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Christine: I definitely wrote that in my room in half an hour. I remember coming in and all the guys were in the control room. They were completely oblivious to the fact that I was shaking in my boots cause I©d written this song and I didn't know where it came from. And I was playing it and all of sudden the whole studio went quiet and everyone diverted there attention to me and when the song stopped I remember everyone saying that was bloody fantastic. Thank God you put it on a two track.
Lindsey: To place it right after Go Your Own Way was just so great. I actually remember when the album was done and one of the local radio stations had played the whole album and took a break between sides. And Richard Dashut and I were in our car when we still lived on Putney, and listened to this. I can remember when Go Your Own Way came in and we were so aggressive at the end and it was a great thing. That song came off , and then Songbird came on. And the masculinity and aggressiveness that was the end of Go Your Own Way transformed into that intimate female, introspective side of Songbird which followed. I honestly remember that the DJ that addressed the listeners before playing Side Two, you could tell she©d been crying! And that was the combination of Go Your Own Way into Songbird.
Mick: Songbird is always Chris alone with the audience. And we always saw it like that. And it survives like that to this day. It hits people it's amazing. It's like a little prayer, or a Fleetwood Mac prayer. It has a tremendous power.
Christine: It wasn't about anyone in particular at all. It was for everybody.


Never Going Back Again Don't Stop
Go Your Own Way Silver Springs
The Chain You Make Loving Fun
I Don't Want To Know Oh Daddy
Gold Dust Woman Songbird


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