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Release Date
USA - 16th Sept 2008
UK - 15th Sept 2008


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Track List

1. Great Day [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey & Will Buckingham

2. Time Precious Time [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

3. Did You Miss Me [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey & Kristen Buckingham

4. Wait For You [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

5. Love Runs Deeper [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey & Kristen Buckingham

6. Bel Air Rain [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

7. The Right Place To Fade [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

8. Gift Of Screws [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

9. Underground [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

10. Treason [LYRICS]
Written by Lindsey Buckingham

All songs produced by Lindsey Buckingham
(except tracks 4 & 8 which were produced
by Lindsey Buckingham & Rob Cavallo)





Vinyl Release

Limited Edition 180 gram vinyl release of 'Gift Of Screws



Gift Of Screws is presented as a vinyl set featuring one 180g heavyweight
black vinyl disc in a Stoughton jacket with bonus CD in paper sleeve.



• 180 Gram Vinyl
• Recorded, Mixed and Mastered on Analog Tape
• Plating & Pressing at R.T.I.
• Heavy-Weight Stoughton Jacket
• Bonus Audiophile CD of entire album
• CD from the Uncompressed Vinyl Master (this is probably incorrect as sources
indicate that the CD is the standard CD release)




Single Releases


Did You Miss Me

Did You Miss Me is set for radio release and will be available
for purchase on July 29th in the US and Sept 14th in the UK

Single Availablilty





Love Runs Deeper


Love Runs Deeper was released to radio as a
promo CD single



Gift Of Screws EP



An EP for Gift Of Screws was released for digital
download on 16th Sept 2008, tracks include...


Did You Miss Me
Love Runs Deeper
Did You Miss Me (KBCO Studio C Sessions)
Time Precious Time (KBCO Studio C Sessions)
Big Love (KBCO Studio C Sessions)
Wait For You (Track Commentary, Video)
Love Runs Deeper (Track Commentary, Video)










Song Notes


Songs from




"The Right Place to Fade"
is the same as
"Twist Of Fate" from the GOS Sessions

"Wait For You"
is the same as
"Shuffle Riff" from the GOS Sessions

"Gift Of Screws"
is the same as
'Gift Of Screws" from the GOS Sessions




Press Release


Lindsey Buckingham to Release New Album
Gift of Screws – on Reprise Records September 16, 2008
Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist Begins U.S. Tour This Fall


BURBANK, Calif., Jul 15, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Warner Bros. Records will release the fifth solo album from singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, entitled Gift of Screws, on Reprise Records September 16, 2008.


Gift of Screws unites the broad appeal Buckingham showed as the main musical force behind Fleetwood Mac with the restless spirit of experimentalism he's shown on landmark Mac albums as Rumours and Tusk, and on his own visionary solo albums. It's the sum of Buckingham's labors of musical love and dedication, with all the joys and struggles that have come along the way.


"I'd say this album distills several periods of time," Buckingham says. "It has false starts to make albums, songs that go back a number of years that took a while to find a home, and brand-new songs. I wanted to bring it all together in one place. As an artist I'm still, for better or worse, clinging to my idealism and to my sense that there is still much to be said. This album is a culmination of that."



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