On November 1st, 2011, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a DVD of
Lindsey Buckingham's Songs From The Small Machine: Live In L.A., which was filmed
in high-definition with DTS Surround-Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Stereo at
The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California in April 2011.



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avaialble as a 2 set CD/DVD combo
or single Blu-Ray disc



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Filmed in high definition at an exclusive show at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills in April this year,
Songs From The Small Machine captures Lindsey Buckingham showcasing tracks from his new studio

album Seeds We Sow , songs from across his solo career and Fleetwood Mac classics.

His distinctive guitar picking style and instantly recognisable voice are joined to his dynamic on

stage presence to deliver a show that brings the audience to their feet and leaves them calling for more.

Starting with five solo acoustic performances, Lindsey is thenjoined by his band to rock their way

through the rest of the set before a final acoustic encore of Seeds We Sow brings

a perfect evening to an end.



DVD and Blu-Ray Set List

1. Shut Us Down
2. Go Insane
3. Trouble
4. Never Going Back Again
5. Big Love
6. Under The Skin
7. All My Sorrows
8. In Our Own Time
9. Illumination
10. Second Hand News
11. Tusk
12. Stars Are Crazy
13. End Of Time
14. That's The Way Love Goes
15. I'm So Afraid
16. Go Your Own Way
17. Turn It On
18. Treason
19. Seeds We Sow

Bonus Features

Interview with Lindsey



CD Set List
(the CD is reportably not included with the Blu-Ray version)


1. Shut Us Down

2. Trouble

3. Never Going back Again

4. Big Love

5. Under the Skin

6. All My Sorrows

7. In Our Own Time

8. Illumination

9. Second Hand News

10. Tusk

11. Stars Are Crazy

12. End of Time

13. That's the Way Love Goes

14. I'm So Afraid

15. Go Your Own Way

16. Seeds We Sow



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DVD Taster

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Law And Order
Go Insane
Out Of The Cradle
Under The Skin
Live at the Bass Performance
Gift Of Screws
Seeds We Sow

One Man Show


Live at the Bass Performance
Songs from the Small Machine


Buckingham Nicks

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Live
Tango In The Night

25 Years: The Chain
The Dance
Say You Will

Extented Play

Lindsey Buckingham /
Christine McVie


The Dance
Live in Boston
Destiny Rules


with Fritz
with Buckingham Nicks
with Fleetwood Mac
Out Of The Cradle
Under The Skin
Gift Of Screws
Seeds We Sow

An Evening with...

Lindsey Buckingham /
Christine McVie



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