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After the release of Lindsey's "Out Of The Cradle" album in 1992 and the subsequent promotional and tour activities that wrapped in 1993, Lindsey began working on his next solo album that ultimately would not be released until Fleetwood Mac's return with "Say You Will" in 2003 or Lindsey's next solo release "Under The Skin" that was
released in 2006.


So what happened between 1993 and 2003?


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What we do know is that Lindsey reconvened with Fleetwood Mac for their successful #1 reunion live album and tour "The Dance" in 1997, but what happened between 1993 and 1997 and 1998 and 2003?



Late 1993

After the live shows with Tina Turner wrap Lindsey takes his touring band to Maui for two and half weeks  to begin recording tracks for hist next album, the band members that travel to Maui are  Freddie Pol, John Wackerman, Janet Robin, Scott Breadman, Liza Carbe, and Mike Tempo.


Memory from Janet Robiin 

This was one of the most memorable times of my career. LB rented out the bar lounge at the hotel in Maui for 2 1/2 weeks and had recording consoles and all kinds of gear flown in. We had just finished touring, opening for Tina Turner, and we all felt like such a wonderful musical family he wanted to experiment writing and recording songs together. Some of those experiments ended up re-recorded on the next FM record... Amazing experience to say the least, snorkeling by morning, recording by day, eating and drinking by night. Yes, dream gig indeed! 


Memory from Mike Tempo 

Maui 1993 with Lindsay Buckingham and his merry band. We went to work on his next solo CD. 2 and a half weeks recording in Maui - it was pretty wonderful!! Lindsay is kneeling with the pineapple. From left to right: Freddie Pol, John Wackerman, Janet Robin, Scott Breadman, Liza Carbe, and Mike Tempo. 


Image below from Mike Tempo 




1994 - 1997
Very limited information provided online or within the press, a rum our from the old fleetwood mac newsgroup in that Lindsey had submitted a solo album 'Smile" that was recorded with his Out Of The Cradle touring band and co-produced with Richard Dashut to Warner Bros. for release, however this was rejected by Warners as not being commercial enough.


Leaked demo sings that have taken on the set name as "Demos from the Village Recorder" that are believed to be from a 1995 timeframe are as follows:


Try For The Sun (rough demo)
Try For The Sun (mixed track)
She Smiled Sweetly (mixed track)
Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind (mixed track)
Deep Dense (rough demo)
Deep Dense (mixed track version #1)
My Little Demon (rough demo)
Given Thing (mixed track version #1)
Wear You Down (rough demo)
Wear You Down (mixed track
Deep Dense (mixed track version #2)
My Little Demon (mixed track)
Down On Rodeo (demo)
Down On Rodeo (mixed track)
Blue Turn To Grey (mixed track)
Given Thing (mixed track version #2)


1997 - early 1998
Lindsey reunites with Fleetwood Mac for the live album 'The Dance" and spends the remainder of the year and early 1998 on tour promoting the album. Richard Dashut (Lindsey's long-term co-writer and producer) is not involved in this project and will not work with Lindsey again.



new songs performed on the live CD and on tour are as follows:


Bleed To Love Her

My Little Demon


Lindsey also releases a new song on a promotional Best Buy companion CD to The Dance



Steal Your Heart Away



1998 - 2001

Lindsey is reported to be finalizing his next solo album which is titled "Gift Of Screws", however after many cancelled released dates and a promotional VH-1 Behind The Music episode recorded and screened the album is shelved in reference to a new Fleetwood Mac album.


Leaked tracks appear online reportably from the mixed but unmastered CD that was presented as the final tracks to Warner Bros., the tracks are as follows:


Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind
Steal Your Heart Away
Red Rover
She Smiled Sweetly
Down on Rodeo
Gotta Get Away
Try for the Sun
Shuffle Riff
Gift of Screws
Bleed to Love Her
Twist of Fate
Go Insane (The Dance version)

Say Goodbye
The Singer Not the Song


Additional two new songs from Lindsey Buckingham are released on promotional corporate CDs



Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind


ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner
December 14, 2000
500 copies of this CD were created for the Bill Of Rights Dinner.
Peacekeeper from Lindsey Buckingham is included in the 14 song track list.
This CD was never sold to the general public
Some of the 500 CDs appeared for auction on eBay.



GLADD Media Awards 2001
Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind was released on this CD.
This CD was given away by Reprise in 2001



and clips of new songs appear on the soundtrack to the Imax film 'Wild California'



Twist of Fate

Steal Your Heart Away




Lindsey is now recording a new Fleetwood Mac album where many of his unreleased songs are being re-recorded with the vocals of Stevie Nicks, drums of Mick Fleetwood and bass of John McVie



2003 / 2004
The Fleetwood Mac album "Say You Will" is released that has Lindsey performing and producing, the album includes the following eight tracks from the shelved Gift Of Screws album:



Murrow Turning Over in His Grave (AKA as Murrow)
Red Rover
Steal Your Heart Away
Bleed to Love Her
Say Goodbye


as well as two new songs


What's The World Coming Too
Love Minus Zero / No Limit




Lindsey begins recording a new solo album



2006 - 2007

Under The Skin the new solo mainly acoustic album from Lindsey is released with a tour to support the album, the album includes the following three tracks from the shelved Gift Of Screws album:


Try For The Sun
Down On Rodeo
Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind


as well as eight new songs


Not Too Late
Show You How
Under The Skin
I Am Waiting
It Was You

Cast Away Dreams
Shut Us Down

Flying Down Juniper




A new solo album from Lindsey titled Gift Of Screws is released, however the track list is significantly different then the intended original Gift Of Screws track list, a small solo tour to promote the album also commences. The album includes three tracks from the shelved Gift Of Screws album:



Wait For You (AKA Shuffle Riff)

The Right Place To Fade (AKA Twist Of Fate)

Gift Of Screws


as well as seven new songs:


Great Day
Time Precious Time
Did You Miss Me

Love Runs Deeper

Bel Air Rain





Lindsey tours with Fleetwood Mac on their Unleashed tour




Lindsey begins to record a new solo album




A new solo album Seeds We Sow is released and a short tour commences to promote the album, Seeds We Sow contains one track from the shelved Gift Of Screws album:



She Smiled Sweetly


as well as seven new songs:


Seeds We Sow
In Our Own Time
That's The Way Love Goes
Stars Are Crazy
When She Comes Down
Rock Away Blind
One Take
Gone Too Far
End Of Time

Sleeping Around The Corner



Additional information on the shelved Gift Of Screws album can be found at the following link:





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