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UK Release for Trouble in Shangri-La
It seems that the release date for the UK is the Monday 30th April 2001. HMV UK are listing the album to released on this day, however this has not confirmed. We will have to keep our fingers crossed. - Search for Stevie Nicks under Music Albums.
The Nicks Fix has added pages for Stevie's movements in April & May 2001, check them out for constant updates.

Release Date for Trouble in Shangra-La
Reprise Records announced that Stevie's new album "Trouble in Shangri-La" will be released on May 1 in the USA and a single should appear sometime in April.
(Source :
Reprise Records - 01/23/2001)
For a listen to some of the new songs please see Queen of Rock n' Roll website 
Added special page for details on TISL
(Special Thanks To Luke For Sharing these clips and to Brian for posting the clips)

Release of a new Stevie Nicks Album
EMI-Plus Records in Europe have released a new Stevie Nicks CD titled "The Divine Stevie Nicks." This is a compilation of Stevie's hits. See the EMI website for more details. This albums appears not to be scheduled for release in the UK, however CD Zone are offering the Dutch version at present.

Track Listing - 

  • Long Way to Go                     

  • Wild Heart 

  • Sable on Blonde 

  • Rooms on Fire

  • Two Kinds of Love 

  • Stand Back 

  • Fire Burning 

  • Ooh My Love 

  • Alice 

  • Enchanted

  • Nothing Ever Changes 

  • Ghosts 

  • If Anyone Falls

  • Gate and Garden 

Update on Stevie's new Album
Stevie is finishing her new album "Trouble In Shangri-La" with Dallas Austin at the DARP studios and according to Chris Nicks it will be released early in 2000.
This is the possible track listing for the new album; Trouble in Shangri-La / What Would You Do? / Races are Run / You're the Star / Prettiest Girl in the World / Soul Searching / Long Distance Winner / Angels of Passage / Butterflies. (news item courtesy of Dirk Faes at the
The Fleetwood Mac Legacy Web-Site are running a page for all Trouble In Shangri-La news items, check it out at

Release of Gift Of Screws by Lindsey Buckingham 1
According to a recent interview with the LA Times, Lindsey is doing the finishing touches on his new album which will probably be released in the spring. Mick played drums on most tracks, John played bass and Christine played the piano parts on some songs, so it's almost like a Fleetwood Mac album, just Stevie is missing.
You can read the entire article here. (news item courtesy of Dirk Faes at the

Release of Gift Of Screws by Lindsey Buckingham 2 
According to the Reprise home page the new Lindsey Buckingham album "Gift Of Screws" will not be released until the year 2000. These songs will appear on the album; Wear You Down, Come, Try For The Sun, Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind, Miranda, Gotta Get Away, Down On Rodeo, Hit & Run, Red Rover, Bleed To Love Her (different version than The Dance), Steal Your Heart Away, She Smiled Sweetly, My Little Demon (different version than The Dance).

New Fleetwood Mac Book 1
A new book about Fleetwood Mac is scheduled to be published soon. "Rumours Exposed : The Unauthorized Biography of Fleetwood Mac" is written by Leah Furman and will contain 224 pages of text and photos. The original launch date was October 1999, but this has been held back, as soon I get additional information it will be posted.
Update - The USA version of this book can be purchased at

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