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April 1967 - Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning form Fleetwood Mac in London, England.

Sept 1967 - John McVie finally joins Fleetwood Mac replacing Bob Brunning on bass, Bob Brunning goes on to become a teacher and blues musician.

Aug 1970 - Christine McVie joins her husband in Fleetwood Mac, replacing Peter Green who has quit following drug dependency

Late 1970 - Late 1974 - .Fleetwood Mac undergo many personnel changes with Danny Kirwin, Bob Welch, Bob Weston and Dave Walker joining and then leaving.

5th Sept 1973 - Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks release Buckingham Nicks on Polydor Records, the album fails to make an impact on the American Charts.

Late 1974 - Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Christine McVie leave England to set up home in the United States.

Dec 1974 - Bob Welch formally leaves Fleetwood Mac and Mick Fleetwood remembers a guitarist he had listened to at Sound City Studios, Mick tracks down that guitarist to be Lindsey Buckingham who he asks to join Fleetwood Mac. Mick then gathers that Lindsey will only join with his then girlfriend and singing partner Stevie Nicks.

Feb 1975 - Studio sessions begin with Lindsey and Stevie as members of Fleetwood Mac. The recording of the Fleetwood Mac (White Album) begins.

15th May 1975 - The group begins its first US tour in support of the album Fleetwood Mac at El Paso, Texas.

11th July 1975 - Fleetwood Mac is released.

Sept 1975 - The single Over My Head is released hitting #20 on the US charts, but misses the UK charts.

Oct 1975 - The single Warm Ways is released in the UK but fails to make the chart.

22nd Dec 1975 - The US tour ends in Anaheim, California.

Feb 1976 - Sessions begin for the Rumours album.

Mar 1976 - Songbird is recorded at the Zellerback Auditorium for the Rumours album.

1st May 1976 - American Tour begins at Oakland, California.

June 1976 - An old Buckingham Nicks single Crying In The Night is re-released, but it misses the US charts.

5th June 1976 - The single Rhiannon is released hitting #11 on the US charts, but misses the UK charts.

Sept 1976 - The single Say You Love Me is released hitting #11 on the US charts and #40 on the UK charts.

4th Sept 1976 - Following the success of the singles lifted from the Fleetwood Mac album, the album will finally make #1 on the US album chart. It will make #23 on the UK album chart.

5th Dec 1976 - American tour ends at Indianapolis, Indiana.

Feb 1977 - Rumours is released, following personal problems between the two couples in the band, the songs on the album reflect the mood and connect with the buying public. Rumours will go on to sell in excess of 15 million copies worldwide, reaching both the #1 slot on the US and UK album charts.

Feb 1977 - The group begins a US tour in support of Rumours at Berkeley, California.

Mar 1977 - The single Go Your Own Way is released hitting US #10 and UK #38.

May 1977 - The single Don't Stop is released in the UK hitting  #32.

April 1977 - A European Tour begins at Birmingham, England in support of Rumours, which lasts for the month.

7th May 1977 - The American Tour continues till October.

Aug 1977 - The single Dreams is released and hits #1 on the US charts and #24 on the UK charts.

Sept 1977 - Don't Stop is released in the US reaching #3.

Oct 1977 - The single You Make Loving Fun is released in the UK reaching #45.

3rd Oct 1977 - The American tour ends in San Diego, California.

Nov 1977 - Australia / Japan Tour begins which lasts till  December.

Dec 1977 - The final single from Rumours, You Make Loving Fun is released in the US reaching #9.

10th Dec 1977 - The 1977 Rumours Tour ends at Maui, Hawaii.

Jan 1978 - Fleetwood Mac wins the Favorite Band and Favorite Album at the annual American Music Awards.

23rd Feb 1978 - Rumours is named the Album Of The Year at the 20th annual Grammy Awards.

Mar 1978 - Rhiannon is re-released in the UK reaching #46.

May 1978 - Sessions begin for the Tusk album.

17th July 1978 - The group begin a summer US tour at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.

18th July 1978 - Stevie Nicks guests on Kenny Loggins Whenever I Call You Friend which makes US #5.

30th Aug 1978 - Summer Tour ends at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Late 1978 - Tusk is recorded with the USC Trojan Marching Band at Dodger Stadium California for the Tusk album.

9th May 1979 - Bombs  Away Dream Babies by John Stewart is released, it contains Gold sung with Stevie Nicks. Lindsey Buckingham also produces the album.

10th Oct 1979 - The group is awarded its Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Oct 1979 - The double album Tusk is released, the album will fail to sell as many copies as Rumours but still makes US #4 and UK #1.

26th Oct 1979 - The group begins an American Tour in support of Tusk.

Nov 1979 - The single Tusk is released hitting US #8 and UK #6.

16th Dec 1979 - American Tour ends at The Cow Palace, San Francisco.

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