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Sunday 15 May 1999 - Fleetwood Mac - Rock Family Trees on UK Arena at 21.00

Wednesday 26 May 1999 - Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits on VH1 at 13.00

Wednesday 26 May 1999 - Stevie Nicks, Storytellers on VH1 at Midnight, Watch and celebrate Stevie's Birthday.

New Releases

Release of Gift Of Screws by Lindsey Buckingham - According to the Reprise home page the new Lindsey Buckingham album "Gift Of Screws" will not be released until the year 2000. These songs will appear on the album; Wear You Down, Come, Try For The Sun, Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind, Miranda, Gotta Get Away, Down On Rodeo, Hit & Run, Red Rover, Bleed To Love Her (different version than The Dance), Steal Your Heart Away, She Smiled Sweetly, My Little Demon (different version than The Dance).

CD release of Buckingham/Nicks album - Rumour goes that Stevie and Lindsey are discussing and possibly working on a Christmas re-release of BN with a possible video compilation along with it.

Release of Trouble In Shangri-La by Stevie Nicks - Stevie has postponed the release of the new album from October until Feb. 2000.

New Fleetwood Mac Book 1 - A new book about Fleetwood Mac is scheduled to be published in October. "Rumours Exposed : The Unauthorized Biography of Fleetwood Mac" is written by Leah Furman and will contain 224 pages of text and photos.

New Fleetwood Mac Book 2 - The second one is called "Fleetwood Mac, Through the Years" and it will be published on September 20. The size of the book is 8 1/2" x 11", has about 50 photos from the Early Fleetwood Mac line up till the Dance tour, lots of them never seen before.. The author is Edward Wincentsen who also wrote the Stevie Nicks' books "Lady From The Stars" and "Rock's Mystical Lady". You can order the book now at Amazon USA (news item courtesy of Dirk Faes at the

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