Site Credits


Below is a list of people/organizations that
I would like to thank for making this site possible  


Fleetwood Mac
All the past and present members, who without there would be no web-site. 

Warner Brothers, Reprise, Modern & Atlantic Records
Who may own copyright on certain parts of this web site.

Sandy at
Who has helped me with the new graphics and html coding for this site.

Claudia at

Who had helped with the design of this site and always encouraged me

Nancy at
Who has donated many of her wonderful pictures to this site and
provided the lyrics to the Gift Of Screws songs.

The UK group of Fireflies
Who have encouraged me on this site's development, 
and provided news stories and general information on the band

The SillyDreamers List
A group of like minded webmaster / mistresses who run
Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks inspired websites and provide
a great of inspiration to this site.
(For a list of websites please click here)

Sharon (trackaghost)
Pip (gypsyrhiannon)

Who help administrator the message forum

David Lydiard
Who provided the Fleetwood Mac biography contained on this site

Lillith Mckenzie
Who has donated many of her wonderful pictures to this site

David Oberman
For his insights to the history of Fleetwood Mac

Dark Angel
Who provided many of the articles posted on this site

Who provide most of the Site Interactive areas

Who provide the great open source Message Forum Suite


and these web-sites who provide some of the background information for this site

The Penguin Website

The Nicks Fix

The Stevie Nicks Underground

The Fleetwood Mac Legacy


and finally to

the viewers of this web-site



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