click for bootleg additional info... Beyond The Rumours, BBC Radio Two, 1st Jan 2014 MP3  
click for bootleg additional info... Tusk - Follow Up Albums, BBC Radio Four, May 2012 MP3
  Off The Record Radio Show 29th June 2003 CDR - Legendary LA DJ Joe Benson interviews Fleetwood Mac members, Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham regarding the new album ‘Say You Will’. Recorded from the broadcast on 29th June 2003  
  Say You Will Radio Interviews Compilation CDR - Stevie Nicks Phone Interview on Star 98.7 on the 06-03-03, Thrown Down (Say You Will Outtake version), Lindsey Phone Interview on WXRT 93.1 on the 11-03-03, Landslide (live on AOL Sessions 03-2003), Lindsey, Stevie and Mick on Classic Rock Q107 on the 10-04-03, Peacekeeper (live on AOL sessions 03-2003).  
  Say You Will Interviews from 2003 CDR - 1. Stevie 98.7 L.A. 3/5/03, 2. Lindsey WXRT Chicago 3/11/03, 3. Lindsey KCRW Santa Monica 4/14/03, 4. Lindsey KSGR Houston 4/17/03: Includes some interesting comments about Say You Will and Lindsey talks about Say Goodbye, 5. Stevie KSLX Phoenix 7/18/03, 6. Lindsey Mix 102 (Dallas), 7. Stevie Z93 Atlanta 9/2-5/03. 58 Minutes in length. Quality: "A-" FM Quality (TAO, MP3 Sourced)  
  Interview with Mark and Brian 07-03-2003 CDR - Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood interviewed on the Mark and Brian breakfast show on the 7th March 2003, the band members talk about the new 'Say You Will' album and Lindsey plays a small guitar track. Quality: A  
  Off The Record 2002 - A retrospective of the Band with interviews from Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood. Songs include: Oh Well, Tell Me All The Things, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, Rhiannon, The Chain, Second Hand News, Landslide, Never Going Back Again, Tusk and Dreams. Quality: A  
  Rumours DVD-A Interviews CDR - Second Hand News, Dreams, Never Going Back Again, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, Silver Springs, The Chain, You Make Loving Fun, I Don't Want To Know, Oh Daddy, Gold Dust Woman, Songbird. Interviews about each track taken from the Rumours DVD-A  
  Off The Record 06-09-1998 CDR - A retrospective of the Band with interviews from Stevie Nicks. Songs include: Over My Head, Little Lies, The Chain, Gypsy, Rhiannon, Landslide, Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Sara, Silver Springs and Gold Dust Woman. Quality: A  
  Stevie and Lindsey live on the Mark & Brian Show CDR - . This is an awesome show with Stevie and Lindsey. They perform Landslide, Big Love and Never Going Back Again. Airdate: 15/8/97, Quality: A  
  Best Buy Collector's CD FM Tour '97 CDR x 2 - 1: Gypsy (from The Dance), Twisted (from the soundtrack to the film Twister), Steal Your Heart Away (new song from Lindsey to be released on his forthcoming album, "Gift Of Screws"), The Smile I Live For (Christine's Solo Album), One More Time With Feeling (from the album, "John McVie's Gotta Band With Lola Thomas"), Rattlesnake Shake (from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac), Stevie Nicks Interview, Lindsey Buckingham Interview, Christine McVie Interview, John McVie Interview, Mick Fleetwood Interview. 2) 16 tracks from various artists. Quality: A  
  Rumours Classic Album  CDR - Documentary from 1997 on the making of Rumours from the Classic Album - Rumours DVD. Lots of interviews and cool versions of the songs. Stories and all kinds of great stuff. Quality: A  
  BBC Radio Show with Nicky Horne CDR - You Make Loving Fun (live 82), Don't Stop (live 87), Say You Love Me (live 87), Dreams (live 87), Rattle Snake Shake (live 87). This show was a radio show from the BBC and it tells the Story of Fleetwood Mac; Who they were, what they went through and what they are doing at present. It includes the songs from various concerts throughout the bands history. Note: This CD includes the BBC Commercials, first broadcast 9th October 1995. Quality: A  
  Rumours Interview: With Red Beard - Feb 24, 1992 CDR - This is an interview with Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood in the Studio. They talk about The Rumours album, The reasons behind its great success, relationships etc.   
  Rockstars Interview Feb 1989 2 CDRs - Mick talks about Lindsey leaving the band. Stevie sings the first song she had ever written. Christine talks about the first time Lindsey and Stevie rehearsed with Fleetwood Mac. Stevie talks about the Greatest Hits album. Stevie talks about the song Gypsy she also talks about the song Dreams and what Lindsey thought the song was about and what she says the song is about. Christine talks about ego's and about the video Hold Me. Mick and Stevie talk about the addition of Rick and Billy. This interview has many of their hit songs on it. Quality: A  
  Rumours - Classic Album Interview CDR - Interviews with Mick, John, Christine and Stevie regarding the recording of Rumours, each song is dissected and discussed with the band members. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio One, 1989/90  
  Listening party for Greatest Hits 1988 CDR - Stevie, John, Mick, Chris, and Billy take calls from callers and they talk about Lindsey leaving, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer, meaning of Gypsy, videos, and other stuff.  
  Rockline and Listening Party for Tango, 1987 CDR - Fleetwood Mac taking calls from fans and debuting the Tango in the Night album. The band is very giggly and Chris continually cracks jokes and Stevie sings old songs out of tune. They receive some strange questions from people around the country as well.  
click for bootleg additional info... WNEW Radio Interview 27th Oct 1987 + Power Cuts 1987 CDR
Two interviews from the Tango era band, mainly with Christine McVie, the WNEW Interview was recorded at The Hard Rock in New York. Quality: A-
click for bootleg additional info... Shakin' The Cage Press Conference 18th Aug 1987 CDR
Westwood One Press Conference where the band introduced Rick Vito and Billy Burnette as new members of Fleetwood Mac replacing Lindsey Buckingham. Running Time: 25mins.
  The Interview  CD Interview with Mick Fleetwood 16mins.  
click for bootleg additional info... ABC Superstar Series Interview 1980 CDR x2
Extensive radio show on the history of Fleetwood Mac up to and including the Tusk project. Includes interviews with Mick, Christine and Stevie and associated peripheral members such as Bob Welch, Ken Caillat and Samuel Graham (Fleetwood Mac's official biographer).
  The Australian Tusk Interview of 1979 2 x CDR - Stevie Nicks Interview from 1979. Stevie is so funny and is in rare form..."If Lindsey had his way we'd be back to the garage with nothing but garbage cans and worse full of garbage." About Lindsey's song "The Ledge"..."I can't even explain it, he did it in his kitchen." About What Makes You Think You're the One..."I wasn't on it, I wasn't there, I didn't sing on it, I don't know the song, I don't understand the words, and yet it's gonna be on my album." Of course she says lots of good things about Lindsey's music too, plus talking about her and Chris's songs. Quality: B, last track 'Tusk' cuts out.  
  Jim Ladd Interview with Stevie Nicks 1979 CDR - Jim Ladd interviews Stevie Nicks about the Tusk project. Stevie talks about the meanings of her songs from Tusk and much more.  
  Mick's & Lindsey's Tusk Interview with Jim Ladd 1979 CDR - Mick and Lindsey talk about the making of Tusk and how they didn't want it to be another Rumours. Lindsey is very coy in this interview and gives guarded answers about his songs (Come on just tell us who they're about!) and Mick rambles on about his world views on the environment etc. Plus more.  Quality: A-  
click for bootleg additional info... What's It All About w/ Jim Huey 1978 + Anti Drug Spots CDR
1978 Radio Interview with Jim Huey, also includes three anti drug spots from Mick, Christine and John. Quality: A
click for bootleg additional info... Backbeat Interview with Laura Gross 1976 CDR
Can you believe that John actually talks more than Stevie in this interview?! The most I've ever heard John talk. He apparently has had too much to drink in this interview, he calls Christine a cow and tells her to shut up, Christine tells John to stop drinking for once to which John replies that she drives him to drink. Lindsey becomes a little brisk with John and tells him to be a little more civil. Besides that they discuss the breakups, the fans, their writing process, why they think they're unique, plus more. This is a very good interview! (Description taken from Ali's Bootleg Page). Quality: B
  Rumours Interview with Stevie Nicks on KOME, San Jose from 1976 CDR
Stevie discusses the upcoming release of Rumours. She talks about Silver Springs, apparently she doesn't know its not going to be on the album yet. She explains why her hair is green, yellow, and blonde. Also how Mick consulted a numerologist about Rumours plus more. Quality: A
click for bootleg additional info... Insight (BBC Interview) Nov 1976 CDR
This interview is part of a British (probably BBC) radio programme called "Insight", broadcast in November 1976, i.e. before "Rumours" was released. All 5 members of the band are present, with a British Interviewer. At various points during the programme there is a Voiceover explaining various things that make the story flow better. Practically everything that is said can be heard clearly.  Quality: A
click for bootleg additional info... Innerview with Jim Ladd 1976 CDR
Interview with Jim Ladd from 1976 that includes song segments. Quality: B
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