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~ Home Recorded Video Clips ~
All Miscellaneous Clips

Fleetwood Mac The Dance / Stevie Nicks TISL Compilation Video
1) Downtown Show - Stevie talks about TISL, shown on ABC
2) VH1 All Access Rock Solid Fleetwood Mac talk about The Dance
3) Sorcerer Video. 
4) Stevie on Jay Leno, Sorcerer and Interview (poor quality).  
5) Blockbuster Awards 01 - Fall From Grace live & Stevie accepting award.
6) Stevie on Lettermen - Everyday and Interview.  
7) Stevie on Rosie - Everyday, Interview and Landslide (poor quality)
8) NBC News Today - Stevie interview parts 1 & 2
9) Everyday Video (poor quality)
10) Making of Bootylicious. 
11) Bootylicious Video. 
12) Everyday Video. 
13) Behind The Music - 1977

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham Video #1
Stevie Nicks VH1 Fanclub - Documentary about Stevie's Fans 2001. 
Lindsey Buckingham - Behind The Music - VH1 documentary on Lindsey 2001. 
Every Day & Sorcerer Videos.
Stevie Nicks live at Rosemant, Il 10-07-01. (TISL Tour)
Stevie Nicks live at Fort Myers, FL 25-07-01. (TISL Tour)

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham Video #2
Lindsey Buckingham - Behind The Music - VH1 documentary on Lindsey 2001.
Stevie Nicks VH1 Fanclub - Documentary about Stevie's Fans 2001.

Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks Misc. Video
Making Of Gypsy
Tusk Photo Shoot
Stevie Nicks interview with Speakeasy 2001

Lindsey, Stevie and Fleetwood Mac Videos
Here Comes the Sun (LB, ABC 2002, 12/31/01)
Trouble, It Was I, Holiday Road Videos
Spinning of the World (LB, live, w/ John Stewart)
Go Insane, Wrong, Countdown Videos
Soul Drifter (Live, Letterman '92)
Don't Look Down (Live, Leno '92)
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 
Leather and Lace, Stand Back, If Anyone Falls, Talk to Me, I Can't Wait Videos 
Rhiannon, Dreams, Sara, Hold Me, Gypsy, Big Love, Little Lies, Silver Springs Videos
Rhiannon/Go Your Own Way/Don't Stop Medley (1998 Grammy Awards)
Landslide (Live, Letterman '98)
Big Love (Live, Letterman '98)
Hold Me (Pop - Up Video Version)
Stand Back (Live, Leno '98) 
Stand Back (Pop Up Video Version)
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (Live, Letterman '98)
Stand Back (Solid Gold '83)
Stand Back (Live, SNL '83)
Nighbird (Live, SNL '83) 
Bwanna (Live, SNL '82)
Trouble (Live, SNL '82)
Landslide (Live, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction) 
Big Love (Live, R&R HOF)
Say You Love Me (Live, R&R HOF)
Silent Night (Live Christmas in Washington, '00)
Fall From Grace (Live, 2001 Blockbuster Awards) 
Everyday Video
Everyday (Live, Letterman '01)
Everyday (Live, Rosie O'Donnell, '01)
 Landslide (Rosie O'Connell, '01)
Sorcerer Video 
Sorcerer (Live, Leno, '01)
Sorcerer (Live, Radio Music Awards)
 If You Ever Did Believe Video
Rooms on Fire (Live, IMMC Music Conference, '89)

varying degrees of quality

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Tour Documentary
1979 official Warmers release
Fleetwood Mac - Spreading Rumours Documentary

1988 documentary from the UK

Fleetwood Mac - Behind The Rumours
Backstage on the 1977 Japan Gig (poor quality)

Lindsey Buckingham - A & E Concert

Mick Fleetwood's Wedding
Stevie Nicks - Timespace Interviews

Fleetwood Mac - Going Home Documentary 1993
Stevie Nicks - I Can't Wait Video Collection
Stevie Nicks - VH-1 Sounding Off & Everyday Video 2001
Destiny Child's Bootylicious Video

Stevie Nicks - Shows in 2000/2001
1) Chris Isaac show - Solitary Man, It's Late
2) CNN WorldBeat
3) VH-1 Sounding Off
4) Stevie on Lettermen - Everyday and Interview.  
5) Stevie on Rosie - Everyday, Interview and Landslide
6) NBC News Today - Stevie interview parts 1 & 2

International Compilation Tape
(Abbreviations Note: UK=British/OZ=Australia)

Brit Awards (UK)
R & R HOF Induction Report (OZ)
Today Feature on FM 1998 (OZ)
A Current Affair Feature on FM 1997 w/ rehearsal footage (OZ)
Today 1990 FM Feature (OZ)
Countdown (OZ Video show)
1980 retrospective of the 70's w/ FM interviews
D-Day remembered 1994 BBC salute to veterans w/ dedication & song by Stevie (UK)
MTV Video Awards 1987 interview (OZ)
1990 MTV interview (OZ)
Rock A Little press conference (OZ)
1991 Timespace commercial (OZ)
Australian Only video for "Silent Night" 1987 (OZ)
Countdown interview w/ Lindsey & Mick 1979 (OZ)
1977 Stevie interview (OZ)
MTV Australia behind the scenes making of Everywhere video (includes video) (OZ) 
1987 Stevie interview followed by "Little Lies" video (1987) (OZ)
TV commercial for Stevie's 1986 tour (OZ)
TV commercial for "OSOTM" (OZ)
TV Commercial for FM 1990 tour (OZ)
Mick & Christine interview about Greatest Hits (OZ)
MTV Australia Christine interview followed by "Save Me" video (OZ) 
Today report on Mick's book 1990 (OZ)
Australian only video for Family Man (OZ)
Australian only video for "In the Back of My Mind" (OZ)
MTV Australia footage of FM 1990 Wembley sound check w/ interviews (OZ)
The Old Grey Whistle Test 1976 performance of "Rhiannon" (UK)
MTV Australia 1987 special on FM w/ interviews and footage of Big Love video
Yesterday Stars 1989 interview w/ Stevie (Holland)
IMMC Music Conference live performance of "Rooms on Fire" by Stevie, Lori, & Sharon (Germany) 
 Off the Wall 1989 Stevie interview (Germany)
Rock Pop 1980 exclusive performance of "Don't Stop" from FM 1980 German tour (Germany)
Music Box 1989 Stevie interview (Holland)
Amsterdam press conference 1989 w/ Stevie at the IMMC show (Germany)
California Sound 1983 special w/ Stevie (Germany)
Yesterday Stars 1990 feature on FM w/ Stevie & Mick (Germany)
Music Box profile 1987 interview w/ all members regarding "Tango" (UK)
Rock Steady After Midnight 1990 FM special ~ interviews and full length live songs (UK)
Rock's Family Trees: The Fleetwood Mac Story (BBC) great 1995 doc for which Stevie gave exclusive 1994 interview (UK)
The Story of Fleetwood Mac (VH1): 90's documentary (US)
SNL 1983 w/ Stand Back (US) 
SNL 1982 w/ Bwana (US)

Some interesting stuff on them. Quality varies

TV Appearances and Video Compilation Tape
20/20 (1978)
VH1 Mirage Feature (1982)
Lindsey Documentary on A & E (1992)
Midnight Special: 
Rhiannon, World Turning, Go Your Own Way, You Make Loving Fun ~ 
Don't Stop (Live) ~
Dreams (Live)
Tusk Video
Sara Video
Edge of Seventeen Video 
Stop Draggin My Heart Around Video
Leather and Lace Video (from In Concert)
Trouble Video
It Was I Video 
Holiday Road Video
Spinning of the World (Lindsey w/ John Stewart)
Stand Back Video (Civil War)
Stand Back Video
If Anyone Falls
Go Insane
Talk to Me
I Can't Wait
Talk to Me (x2) 
Big Love
Seven Wonders 
Little Lies
Soul Drifter
Don't Look Down
Soul Drifter (Letterman, '92)
Don't Look Down (Leno, '92) 
Soul Drifter (Letterman, '92)

Stevie Nicks - Behind The Music (rough cut)
Includes small items not in aired show
Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks - Strong Enough
from VH-1's Storytellers

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Tour Documentary Outtakes
Fleetwood Mac - Going Home Documentary (uncut) 1993

Stevie Nicks - Storytellers #1

Stevie Nicks - Storytellers #2

Fleetwood Mac - Making of Videos
Making of Gypsy
Making Of Big Love

Stevie Nicks - Before They Were Rock Stars
Fleetwood Mac - Behind The Music
Stevie Nicks - Rock Across America


Rare Video Compliation
1993 MTV clips on 'Jane's Song', 
1990 FM concert
1990 FM Oakland, CA (Lindsey joins the band onstage for Landslide, 
Your Own Way, & Tear It Up), 
1986 Australia (Stevie performs Knocking On
Heaven's Door 
w/ Bob Dylan & Tom Petty),'
1990 'Sound Gig' (Japanese TV w/interviews & live 
performances by the band,
1982 'Fleetwood Mac: Truths and
Triumphs (interviews & concert footage), 
Sometimes It's A Bitch video, 
'ET' clips of FM in Phoenix, 
VH1 clip with Stevie talking about 'Sometimes
It's A Bitch'


~ Live Concerts Clips ~

Stevie Nicks - Trouble in Shangri-La Tour Live
Stevie Nicks live at Pittsburgh 06-07-2001
Stevie Nicks live at Cleveland 18-07-2001
Stevie Nicks live at Seattle 12-08-2001

Stevie Nicks - Live AHI 2000

Fleetwood Mac - The Last Dance
Concert performance from the last night of The Dance Tour

Lindsey Buckingham - Centre Stage 1993
Introduction, Lindsey Introduction, The Chain, Lindsey talks about leaving Fleetwood Mac, 
Big Love, Go Insane, Lindsey talks about his touring band, You Do Or You Don't, 
Eyes Of The World, Soul Drifter, Lindsey talks about his childhood, I'm So Afraid, 
Lindsey talks about his father, This Nearly Was Mine, Street Of Dreams, This Is The Time, 
All My Sorrows, Go Your Own Way, Lindsey says goodbye.
Fleetwood Mac - Live in Japan 1977
Monday Morning, Oh Well, Rhiannon, Over My Head, Go Your Own Way, 
World Turning, The Chain, Songbird

Fleetwood Mac Live Compilation
Largo 1975
Station Man, Spare Me A Little Of Your Love, Rhiannon, Why, I'm So Afraid, 
Oh Well, Green Manalishi, World Turning, Blue Letter, Hypnotised.
Dreams from Largo 1977
Live in Japan 1977 Outtakes
Landslide, Gold Dust Woman, You Make Loving Fun.

Fleetwood Mac: Through Time
Japan Youngfest '77
Backstage Rumours 1
Backstage Rumours 2 
Largo '78

Fleetwood Mac: Through Time II
Largo 1975
Station Man, Spare Me A Little Of Your Love, Rhiannon, Why, I'm So Afraid, 
Oh Well, Green Manalishi, World Turning, Blue Letter, Hypnotised (Cuts)
Japan 1977
Monday Morning, Oh Well, Rhiannon, Over My Head, Go Your Own Way, 
World Turning, The Chain, Songbird
Rosebud 1977
World Turning, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, I'm So Afraid
Largo 1978
Dreams, Oh Well, Rhiannon, Oh Daddy, Never Going Back Again, Landslide, Say You Love Me, 
Gold Dust Woman, Second Hand News
Largo 1979
Say You Love Me, The Chain, Don't Stop, Dreams, Oh Well, Rhiannon, Oh Daddy, 
What Makes You Think You're The One, Sara, Not That Funny, Save Me A Place, Landslide, 
Tusk, Interlude (Chris), Angel, You Make Loving Fun, I'm So Afraid, World Turning, 
Go Your Own way, Sisters Of The Moon, Second Hand News.
US Festival 1982 Reports
Tusk, Songbird

Stevie & Christine Live Shows
Christine McVie: The Video Album
This is Christine's only officially released solo video. A+ quality.
Love Will Show Us How (video), Keeping Secrets, The Challenge, Who's Dreaming This Dream, 
I'm The One, So Excited, Got A Hold On Me (video), One In A Million, You Make Loving Fun,
Don't Stop, World Turning, Songbird
Stevie Nicks: San Jose, CA 10/20/89 (A-) (Video)
(Note: This is a pro-shot video with multiple camera angles and some great close ups. 
Rumor has it that Stevie had this particular show captured on film to give to the band as a gift.
Excellent quality, with some minor noise between songs and some dubbing degredation.)

Outside The Rain, Dreams, Rooms On Fire, Gold Dust Woman, Alice, No Spoken Word, 
How Still My Love, Beauty And The Beast, Stand Back, Whole Lotta Trouble, Two Kinds Of Love, 
Edge Of 17, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
Stevie Nicks - Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA 8/15/91
Whole Lotta Trouble Tour
100 minutes Pro-shot Multiple Camera Angles and great close-ups. 
There are a few minor glitches during the first 2 songs, the rest of the show is near perfect.

Sometimes It's a Bitch (music video), Outside The Rain, Dreams, I Need To Know, Talk To Me, 
Beauty & The Beast, Stop Draggin My Heart Around, Rooms On Fire, If Anyone Falls, Stand Back, 
Whole Lotta Trouble, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, Edge Of Seventeen, 
Rhiannon, Landslide
Stevie Nicks - Pittsburg, PA 7/24/94
Street Angel Tour - 90 minutes Awesome show from Street Angel. 
Single Camera on a Tripod aimed directly at the big screen for super close ups and a real pro shot look.

Outside The Rain, Dreams, Docklands, No Spoken Word, Maybe Love, Rhiannon, 
Stand Back, Destiny, Gold Dust Woman, Talk To Me, Blue Denim, Edge Of Seventeen, 
I Need To Know, Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You




With thanks to all members of Fleetwood Mac past and present who appear on these pages, whose music we all enjoy and will carry on enjoying for many years to come.

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