Stevie Nicks - Trouble In Shangri-La Final Mixes
Track List:
1.Trouble In Shangri-La
3.That Made Me Stronger
5.Planets Of The Universe
6.It's Only Love
7.Every Day (Missing a few vocal overdubs)
8.Bombay Sapphires (Different mix than the officially released album version)
9.Love Changes
10.Too Far From Texas
11.I Miss You (Different mix with a longer instrumental bridge)
12.Fall From Grace
13.Thrown Down (aka "Wall of Sound" version w/Lindsey Buckingham)
14.My Heart (Previously unreleased track)
15.Touched By An Angel
16.Love Is
Notes (from Bootlegger):
This disc contains "final mixes" of most of the tracks that were released on Stevie's 2001 release "Trouble In Shangri-La". If you listen closely you can hear slight variations in the mix on this disc as opposed to the official TISL release ("Everyday" is missing some vocal overdubs). The tracklist is totally in different running order compared to the officially released version of "Trouble In Shangri-La", Which is missing tracks #13-Thrown Down, #14-My Heart & #15-Touched By An Angel. Track #8-Bombay Sapphires is a different mix than the officially released version as is track #11-I Miss You, Which has an instrumental bridge which was edited out of the officially released version.
Date & Venue:
2001 (?)
Sound Quality:
Studio recording> ?? > CDR
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