Stevie Nicks - Live at The Arizona Heart Benefit. 23rd Sept 2000
CDR x2
Track List:

Disc 1:

1. Outside The Rain
2. Dreams
3. Enchanted
4. Gold Dust Woman
5. Every Day Is A Winding Road (with Sheryl Crow)
6. My Favourite Mistake (with Sheryl Crow)
7. The Difficult Kind (with Sheryl Crow)
8. Stand Back
9. Leather & Lace (with Don Henley)
10. Boys of Summer (with Don Henley)
11. Rhiannon

Disc 2:

1. It's Late (with Chris Isaak)
2. Solitary Man (with Chris Isaak)
3. Feel Like Crying (with Chris Isaak)
4. Big Love (Lindsey Buckingham)
5. Go Insane (with Lindsey Buckingham)
6. Landslide (with Lindsey Buckingham)
7. Gypsy (with Lindsey Buckingham)
8. Edge of Seventeen
9. I Need to Know
10. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
Notes (from Bootlegger):
Stevie Nicks with Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Chris Isaak, Lindsey Buckingham at the 2000 Arizona Heart Institute Benefit

GREAT Concert by Stevie Nicks getting a little help from her friends. This show is excellent to listen to and is complete. Even if you don't like Stevie, you have to dig the set list that is included in this annual show she does for AHI. ENJOY!
Date & Venue:
23rd September 2000 at The
American West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Sound Quality:
A- (audience)
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