Stevie Nicks - For The Gypsies That Remain
CDR x8

Track List:
Disc 1 - Dreams For Dreamers 
Nomad (Acoustic), Mistaken Love (Solo Demo), Spinning Wheels, No Light, f You Were My Love (Street Angel Demo), Lady From The Mountain, The Tower, The Dealer, Cecelia, Rhiannon ("Sound Of Birds Rising"), Old Fashioned, She Loves Him Still, Three Birds of Rhiannon.

Disc 2 - Paper Flowers 
Starshine, Gypsy (Rock Outtake), Gypsy Beggars, Docklands, Fireflies, 24 Karat Gold (Alt), Nothing Ever Changes (Demo), Smile At You (Tusk), Highwayman (Demo w/ D.Henley), Love Don't Fail Me Now (Mirror Outtake), The Dealer (Uptempo), Knockin' On Doors (piano), All The Beautiful Worlds, The Witch (Melacine), Gypsy (Live, AHI 2000)

Disc 3 - She Does The Stars 
Julia, All The King's Horses (Mirage), Belle Fluer, How Still My Love (Piano), How Still My Love (Rock Outtake), Gypsy (Demo From 97, Very Cool), If You Ever Did Believe, Affairs Of The Heart, Sara (Piano), Sara (Tusk Outtake, 6 Mins), After The Glitter Fades (Acoustic), I Call You Missing, Gold Dust Woman (Live 1977)

Disc 4 - Fortune Teller
Mirror Mirror, Think About It (BD Outtake, Longer), The Nightmare (15 Min. Piano Demo, Has Lyrics From Rhiannon), Thousand Days, Leather and Lace, Gold and Braid, If You Were My Love (BD Piano Demo), If You Were My Love (FM Band Version), Blue Lamp (Demo), Do I Bring You Down, Sisters of the Moon (Outtake), Greta (Uptempo), Silver Springs (1977 Alt Version)

Disc 5 - Castaways
Castaway #1, Castaway #2, Castaway #3, Bella Donna (Uptempo), Julia #2, Sable On Blonde (Demo), Sleeping Angel (Early Demo), Real Tears, Impossible Task, Wild Heart (Make Up Demo), Thousand Days, Mystical Love, God's Garden, Blue Water, Storms (Acoustic)

Disc 6 - Sorcerer
Sorcerer, Forest of the Black Roses, Watchdevil, Secret Love, Kind of Woman, Designs of Love, Garbo, China Doll, Without You, Nomad, Gypsy (20 Min. Piano Demo), Dreams (Live, 1980), Landslide (Live, 1975), Rhiannon (Live, 1975)

Disc 7 - All The King's Horses
All The King's Horses (Demo), Mistaken Love (Demo w/Sharon Celani), Sara (Cleaning Lady), Dreams (Alt. "I See The Crystal Changes..."), No Questions Asked, Silver Springs (Piano Demo), Rooms on Fire (Demo, Alt Lyrics), Something Exquisite, Gold Dust Woman (Alt), Violet and Blue (Demo), Sisters of the Moon (Piano), Sanctuary (BD Outtake), Gypsy (Alt), Sara (Live, OH 1980 "Crazy Wind")

Disc 8 - Black Lace Poet
Designs Of Love, Dreams, Angel, Crystal, Gypsy, Garbo, Imperial Hotel, Leather And Lace, Think About It, Sara, Rhiannon, Silver Springs (live, Dance), Sable On Blonde, Landslide (live, Dance), Edge Of Seventeen, Rhiannon (piano version, Enchanted).

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