Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna From A Parallel Universe
Track List:
1.Bella Donna (Vocal and piano)
from the "Think About It April 9,1981 w/Bella Donna" reel
2.Kind of Woman
from the "Kind of Woman March 20,1981 TV themes" 24 track reel
3.The Dealer (take #5)
from the "The Dealer Day 2 Rough Mixes Feb.17,1981" 1/4th Inch reel
4.Think About It (take #3)
from the "Think About It April 9,1981" 24 track reel
5.Sanctuary (take #7)
from the "Sanctuary April 5,1980 Reel #5" 24 track reel
6.After The Glitter Fades
from the "Bella Donna Outtakes April 6,1981" 24 track reel
7.Sleeping Angel
from the "Reel #3 Rough Mixes March 17,1981" 1/4th Inch reel
8.Edge of Seventeen (take #26)
from the "March 1981 Bella Donna Outtakes" 1/4th Inch reel
9.How Still My Love (take #2)
from the "How Still My Love Reel #7 Oct.11,1980" reel
10.Gypsy (take #6)
from the "Gypsy w/Tom Petty April 5,1980" 24 track reel
11.Leather And Lace (Guitar demo)
from the "Gold & Braid March 5,1981" 24 track reel
12.Baby Doll (take #2)
from the "Baby Doll Feb.18,1981" 24 track reel
13.Outside the Rain (take #4)
from the "Outside the Rain April 3,1980" 24 track reel
14.Gold & Braid (take #1)
from the "Gold & Braid/Keep Me Hanging On" reel
15.The Highwayman (take #16)
from "The Highwayman March 5,1981" 24 track reel

1980 - 1981 Bella Donna Sessions Master Reels
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guests
Date & Venue:
1980 - 1981 Various Studios
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