Fleetwood Mac - Live in Chula Vista, CA. 22nd June 2004
CDR x2
Track List:

Disc 1

1. The Chain
2. Dreams
3. I Know I'm Not Wrong
4. Peacekeeper
5. Second Hand News
6. Say You Will
7. Never Going Back Again
8. Rhiannon
9. Come
10. Sara
11. Big Love
12. Landslide
13. Say Goodbye
14. Red Rover

Disc 2

1. Beautiful Child
2. Gold Dust Woman
3. I'm So Afraid
4. Tusk
5. Stand Back
6. Go Your Own Way
7. World Turning -> Mick Solo -> World Turning -> Band Intro
8. Don't Stop
9. Goodbye Baby
Notes (from taper):
There is a small pop between songs 9-10 disc 1 where the master tape flipped. On Beautiful Child, a fan walked on the stage and stood behind Stevie Nicks and touched her while she was singing. She refers to him as almost part of the band......

Taper SNK
Date & Venue:
22nd June 2004 at the Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
Sound Quality:
A-/B+ (audience)
Sony WM-GX670 Seated Right Side of Stage 1st Section 13th Row Back > Tape > WAV > FLAC > CDR
Front: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/FM-ChulaVista62204_cover.jpg
Back: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/FM-ChulaVista62204_insert.jpg

Inlay: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/FM-ChulaVista62204_back.jpg
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