Fleetwood Mac - Live in Manchester, UK. 3rd Dec 2003
CDR x2
Track List:

CD 1:
01 The Chain
02 Dreams
03 Eyes Of The World
04 Peacekeeper
05 Second Hand News
06 Say You Will
07 Never Going Back Again
08 Rhiannon
09 Come
10 Gypsy
11 Big Love
12 Landslide
13 Say Goodbye
14 What's The World Coming To?

CD 2:
01 Beautiful Child
02 Gold Dust Woman
03 I'm So Afraid
04 Silver Springs
05 Tusk
06 Stand Back
07 Go Your Own Way
08 World Turning
09 Don't Stop
10 Goodbye Baby
Notes (from Bootlegger):
This is the first of two excellent shows in Manchester from 2003. Having seen the then awful FM several years earlier at Maine Road, I had my reservations about these shows and only going to see Lindsay. I'm so glad I did. They were superb! This is one of the better sounding recordings I have made over the years, all instruments are are clear with a good amount of punch to the lower register, I was very pleased at the time and after listening to this again tonight I still am. A big thanks to my buddy in LA for sorting this rig for me - It's almost idiot proof.

Rig: Paired AT 831b(no roll off) > Low Z - High Z transformer > PCM-M1 @ 48 kHz
Taper: Mark J (Unidexter Productions)
Date & Venue:
3rd Dec 2003 at The M.E.N Arena, Manchester, UK
Sound Quality:
A (audience)
Sony ECM 707 > Sony D8 > Unknown > FLAC > WAV > CDR
Front: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/fm-Manchester_120303_cover.JPG
Inlay: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/fm-Manchester_120303_back.JPG


Inlay: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/fm-MENArena3.12.2003_ALT_B.jpg
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