Fleetwood Mac - Live in Dallas, Texas 3rd July 2003
CDR x2
Track List:
Disc One (64:31)
1. The Chain
2. Dreams
3. Eyes Of The World
4. Peacekeeper
5. Second Hand News
6. Say You Will
7. Never Going Back Again
8. Rhiannon
9. Come
10. Gypsy
11. Big Love
12. Landslide
13. Say Goodbye
14. What's The World Coming To?

Disc Two (74:54)
1. Beautiful Child
2. Gold Dust Woman
3. I'm So Afraid
4. Silver Springs
5. Tusk
6. Stand Back
7. Go Your Own Way
8. World Turning (w/Mick's solo)
9. Band Intros
10. Don't Stop
11. Goodbye Baby
As far as I know, this show has only juts entered circulation (at very least, from this source as only about four or five copies were made and given to people who attended the show and had no interest or first-hand ability to copy/distribute it, certainly not to the collecting community at large). This isn't a copy of the master copy; it's a fresh real-time master rip. Audio Cleaning Lab was introduced into the processonly to cut tracks and provide opening and closing fades to each disc. Otherwise, recording is untouched. There may be tiny blip of diginoise here or there, but nothing that will hurt the listening experience.
Date & Venue:
3rd July 2003, American Airlines Centre, Dallas, Texas
Sound Quality:
A (audience)
Lineage: Coresound LC binaurals > Sony MZR-700 MD > Total Recorder (HD) > WAV > Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0 > FLAC 8 > WAV > CDR
Front: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/FM-Dallas070303_cover.jpg
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