Fleetwood Mac - Live in Baton Rouge, LA, 13th Oct 1982
CDR x2
Track List:
CD One
1. Second Hand News
2. The Chain
3. Don't Stop
4. Dreams
5. Oh Well
6. Rhiannon
7 .Brown Eyes
8. Eyes of the World
9. Gypsy

CD Two
1. Never Going Back Again
2. Landslide
3. Tusk
4. Sara
5. Hold Me
6. You Make Loving Fun
7. Sisters of the Moon
8. Songbird
This set came to me via a conventional CD Bootleg, this show has been around in the online community for a few months only and has been posted on websites as MP3 files. This set checks out as lossless files.
Date & Venue:
13th October 1982, Venue Unknown
Sound Quality:
A- (Soundboard)
Linage: Soundboard -> ??? -> cassette -> CDR
Front: http://www.angelfire.com/mac2/nickslive/BatonRougeCoverA.JPG
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