Fleetwood Mac - Live in Richfield, OH. 20th May 1980
CDR x2
Track List:

Disc 1:
The Chain
Don't Stop
Oh Well
Oh Daddy
What Makes You Think You're The One
Not That Funny

Disk 2:
Never Going Back Again
You Make Loving Fun
I'm So Afraid
World Turning
Go Your Own Way (Cut)
Notes (from Bootlegger):
This concert is widely circulated but not this version. Most of the boots from this show are a B to B- quality. This version is an A quality. It is incredible! And for all the "hardcore" fans, Stevie's version of 'Sara' is a "Crazy Wind". Get this one while you can! You won't be sorry!
*****DO NOT SELL*****

Notes (from recorder Joemusic58):
I am the one who recorded the Mac show from 5-20-80. I used a Marantz stereo cassette recorder , a Realistic stereo condenser microphone and it was recorded on TDK SA tapes. Go Your Own Way is cut because I ran out of tapes unfortunately. We were seated along side the stage directly in line with the overhead PA . I always thought it was one of my best recordings. Sorry I ran out of tape! Hope that answers your questions. Now if someone had the OTHER night from Cleveland, that would be nice to hear!
Date & Venue:
20th May 1980 at The
Cleveland Coliseum, Richfield, OH
Sound Quality:
A (audience)
Marantz Stereo Cassette -> TDK SA Tape -> CDR -> EAC/WAV -> FLAC
Front: http://www.fleetwoodmac-uk.com/artwork/fm-Richfield_cover_5.20.80.jpg
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