Fleetwood Mac - Live in San Diego, CA. 10th March 1977 UPGRADE
Track List:
1. Say You Love Me
2. Station Man
3. Believe Me
4. Rhiannon
5. Dreams
6. The Chain
7. Why
8. Never Going Back Again

Bonus Tracks
9. The Green Manalishi (Live 1975 Radio Broadcast)
10. Get Like You Used To Be (Live 1975 Radio Broadcast)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
This recording was sourced from an audio cassette that was dubbed off the master recording that was in the possession of another person so the very minor audio errors are the blame of the original source tape. Thanks goes to David O. for providing me with the opportunity to transfer this show from audio cassette to CDR! This show is a great sounding show that has more pressence soundwise than the other version of this show that I have listed.

An alternate taping of this is also in circulation - Link

Date & Venue:
10th March 1977 at the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
Sound Quality:
A (audience)
AUD> Audio Cassette> TDK DA-3826 burner/w no compression> CDR
YES - Link
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