Fleetwood Mac - Live in Oklahoma City, May 18th, 1977 ALT SOURCE
Track List:

1.  Say You Love Me 4:13
2.  Monday Morning 2:52
3.  The Chain 5:53
4.  Dreams 4:11
5.  Rhiannon 8:09
6.  Oh Daddy 4:51
7.  Never Going Back Again 2:13
8.  Landslide 4:04
9.  Over My Head 3:06
10.  You Make Lovin' Fun 4:19
11.  Go Your Own Way 4:22
12.  Blue Letter 4:01
13.  Second Hand News 2:52
14.  Green Manalishi 5:19
15.  Don't Stop 4:22
Notes (from Bootlegger):
Total Running Time: 64:47

I couldn't believe that a 1977 soundboard exists, but this seems to be the genuine article. The quality is excellent, although it seems to be a mixing desk recording and suffers from the flat feeling caused by the lack of audience response. I have been reliably informed that this recording is actually from Oklahoma City, and not Oakland as the artwork implies. The Oakland label was a mistake created by the original bootlegger of this soundboard, an East Coast seller named Devilwoman. She bought numerous Fleetwood Mac soundboards (including several from the Rumours tour) from the band's historian & archivist, Frank Harding."

Review taken from http://cds.jrd.org.uk/list/cd.fle.o197.shtml
Date & Venue:
18th May 1977 at the Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
Sound Quality:
A (Soundboard)
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