Fleetwood Mac - Live in Nashville 21st May 1977 LOSSLESS
CDR x2
Track List:
1-1 Welcome
1-2 Say You Love Me
1-3 Monday Morning
1-4 Dreams
1-5 Oh Well
1-6 Rhiannon
1-7 Oh Daddy
1-8 Never Going Back Again
1-9 Landslide
1-10 Over My Head
1-11 Gold Dust Woman

2-1 You Make Loving Fun
2-2 I'm So Afraid
2-3 Go Your Own Way
2-4 World Turning
2-5 Blue Letter
2-6 Second Hand News
2-7 The Chain
2-8 Songbird
Notes (from Bootlegger):
This is a recent cassette transfer and the sound on it is outstanding. I think it's the best sounding soundboard of the Rumours tour - and an upgrade from what I've previously heard of this recording. It's a seemless recording meaning there are no cuts or edits between tracks. There is a very slight cut at the end of disc one, but it's right at the end of Gold Dust Woman, no vocals are cut. There is also a slight cut in at the beginning of disc two, but again no vocals are sliced off.

I have no info on who taped the show, but a big thanks to everyone responsible for getting this tape transferred - it's a really great sounding show.
Date & Venue:
21st May 1977 at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Sound Quality:
A (Soundboard)
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