Fleetwood Mac - Smilin' Ears (Live in Wallingford 3rd Sept 1975)
Track List:

01 Station Man
02 Spare Me a Little
03 Rhiannon
04 Why
05 Landslide
06 Over My Head
07 Green Manalishi
08 I'm So Afraid
09 Oh Well
10 World Turning
11 Just Like You Used to Be
12 Green Manalishi (Peter Green)
13 Homework (Peter Green)
14 World in Harmony (Peter Green)

Notes from Bootlegger:
Back in the mid-1980s I picked up a 2-vinyl Fleetwood Mac Brazilian boot in a local used record store and immediately transferred it to cassette. I described the album, art, etc. to a knowledgeable Machead and he surmised that I had the first release of the boot commonly known as "Hollywood" or "Hollywood Live," which was recorded at Trod Nossel studios in Wallingford, CT.

Anyway, these are the original .wav files from that cassette. I don't grade my stuff, but I've seen the MP3 rips of these files posted as "A" quality.

Likely this is the same set as Live In Studio 75 or Live in Wallingford or Who's The New Girl

Date & Venue:
3rd Sept 1975 at Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT
Sound Quality:
A- (soundboard)
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