Lindsey Buckingham - The Gift Of Screws
Track List:
01. Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind [0:04:51.50]
02. Miranda [0:04:18.74]
03. Steal Your Heart Away [0:03:40.51]
04. Red Rover [0:04:02.50]
05. She Smiled Sweetly [0:02:57.27]
06. Come [0:06:02.48]
07. Down On Rodeo [0:04:30.25]
08. Gotta Get Away [0:03:29.28]
09. Try For THe Sun [0:03:48.74]
10. Shuffle Riff [0:05:00.23]
11. Murrow [0:04:26.50]
12. Gift Of Screws [0:02:53.25]
13. Bleed To Love Her [0:04:21.30]
14. Twist Of Fate [0:04:15.20]
15. Go Insane [0:04:32.52]
16. Say Goodbye [0:03:30.34]
17. The Singer Not The Song [0:03:25.02]
Unreleased album from 2000 / 2001

Lindsey Buckingham's hugely anticipated follow-up to his 1992 masterpiece 'Out Of The Cradle', Gift Of Screws was recorded in the years that followed Cradle right up until 2000, the album was submitted to the record company 'Warners Brothers (Reprise) and a decision was taken not to release the album but to re-record the tracks with Fleetwood Mac and release them on the next Fleetwood Mac studio album 'Say You Will' which was released in 2003.

MP3s of this CD surfaced on the internet in 2001 and are believed to be the mixed tracks but not mastered tracks from "Gift Of Screws", recording date believed to be 2000 / 2001, this collection is a copy of the submitted CD of Gift Of Screws.

This collection contains the only copy of the lossless files currently in circulation. No editing of the tracks have been done and the songs are brought to you exactly as on the CD.
Date & Venue:
1995 - 2001 Unreleased Album from various studios
Sound Quality:
Lossless CDR (wav files) -> CDR
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