Lindsey Buckingham - Demos from The Village Recorder
Track List (with corrections from Bootlegger):

Vol. 1
01. Try for the Sun - Cass [Note I]
02. Try for the Sun
[Note 2]
03. She Smiled Sweetly
04. Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind
05. Deep Dense - Cass.
06. Deep Dense - Track 1
[Note 3]
07. My Little Demon - Gtrs.
08. Given Thing - Demo 1
[Note 4]

Vol. 2
01. Steve's Riff - Cass.
[Note 5]
02. Steve's Riff - Track
[Note 6]]
03. Deep Dense - Track 2
[Note 7]
04. My Little Demon - Track
[Note 8]
05. Down on Rodeo - Demo
06. Down on Rodeo - Track
07. Blue Turns to Grey
08. Given Thing - Demo 2
[Note 9]

Note 1: On the sheet from the studio, it is labelled "Try for the Son" but I took the liberty of correcting the spelling
Note 2: See note 1
Note 3:
I added the "1" to differentiate it from the Deep Dense on the second volume
Note 4: Labelled this "Demo 1" to differentiate it from the one on Vol. 2
Note 5: I took the liberty of adding the apostrophe
Note 6: See note 5
Note 7: See note 3
Note 8: Track cut
Note 9: See note for Given Thing on Vol. 1

Notes (from Bootlegger):

Raw demos for the unreleased "Gift of Screws" solo album, c. 1995

These tracks are mostly very raw versions of songs Lindsey intended for his solo album "Gift of Screws."
Some were never brought to completion, some were brought to completion with Fleetwood Mac, and some were brought to completion only to sit on a shelf until Lindsey decides to officially release "Gift of Screws." The track names are from the original source, as is the volume division, although they'd probably all fit on one disc. I can't give information on the source, but these songs do check out as lossless on EAC spectral anaylsis. Only Bootleg for this is you are a Lindsey fan interested in his recording process, or if you want to hear the rarer songs. The demos are so raw that for some he just strums and mumbles, ending abruptly. Also, there are sound glitches. "My Little Demon - Track" is cut. The only tracks that are in complete form are "Deep Dense - Track" and "Someone's Gotta Change Your Mind" on Vol. 1 and "Down on Rodeo - Track" on Vol. 2.

Date & Venue:
1995 (??)
Sound Quality:
CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC -> CDR
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