Lindsey Buckingham - Center Stage (TV Broadcast) ALT VERSION
Track List:

1. Introduction
2. Don't Look Down
3. You Do Or You Don't
4. The Chain
5. Lindsey talks about leaving Fleetwood Mac
6. Big Love
7. Go Insane
8. Lindsey talks about his touring band
9. Trouble
10. I'm So Afraid
11. Lindsey talks about his childhood
12. This Nearly Was Mine
13. Street Of Dreams
14. This Is The Time
15. Never Going Back Again
16. Lindsey introduces All My Sorrows
17. All My Sorrows
18. Go Your Own Way
Notes (from Bootlegger):
Very nice show. I assume it was recorded off the TV but I don't know for sure.
Date & Venue:
9th Feb 1993 at PBS Centre Stage in Chicago
Sound Quality:
TV Broadcast > Unknown > FLAC > WAV > CDR
Last Update: 01 January 2006, fmfanuk