Lindsey Buckingham - Live in San Diego, CA. 8th March 1993
CDR x2
Track List:

Disc 1
1.Big Love
2.Poem/Go Insane
3.Don't Look Down (Cuts in due to taper error)
4.The Chain
7.Poem/You Do Or You Don't
8.I'm So Afraid
9.This Nearly Was Mine
10.Street Of Dreams

Disc 2
1.Never Going Back Again
2.All My Sorrows
3.Doing What I Can
4.This Is The Time
5.Go Your Own Way
6.Save Me A Place
7.Band Intros
8.Blank Track (No Music)
9.Holiday Road (Cuts In)
10.Eyes Of The World
11.Blank Track (No Music)
A very good sounding "Audience" recording that appears to be incomplete. There are a few tape-cuts between tracks that only affect the sound of the crowd, Not the performance of the songs
Date & Venue:
8th March 1993 at the
Belly Up Tavern, San Diego, CA
Sound / Visual Quality:
B+ (audience)
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