Lindsey Buckingham - Westwood One Rough Master (Live 1992)
Track List:
Big Love
Go Insane
Don't Look Down
The Chain
You Do or You Don't
I'm So Afraid
Never Going Back Again
All My Sorrows
Band intros
This is the Time
Go Your Own Way
Save Me a Place
Eyes of the World
Soul Drifter

Lindsey Buckingham played his first-ever solo shows on Dec. 12 and 13, 1992, at two semi-secret gigs at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. His first solo tour was coming up and these were basically two warm-up shows. They weren't allowed to advertise his name, so the ads just said "special guest" (although Lindsey did do one interview in the Orange County Register).  The venue was packed with fans and also very heavy on Warner Bros Records executives. Very small stage, and Lindsey had three or four guitarists besides himself. Show was very much like you'll hear here -- great versions of solo stuff, great Mac tunes.  It wasn't till after the show that a friend at the club told me Westwood One had taped it for broadcast. That broadcast has been out on bootleg for quite a while. This recording is  pre-mixdown. My friend got her friend at Westwood One to give her a copy of the show days after it happened. She was given a cassette taken straight off the rough master -- rough edits between songs, etc. This cassette was then mastered straight to CDR, getting rid of the rough edits and making it flow. There are good versions of this show out there, but I don't think they get any better than this one. There were snippets of two instrumentals on the tape, but just a few seconds of each, these are not included here. Although the date on the art says Dec. 12, both nights were taped and the eventual broadcast was a combo of both. I have no idea which songs come from which night on this.

Notes above from: markbrow

This set includes the only known live recording of the song 'Wrong' which was not broadcast on the eventual Westwood One Radio or on the other bootleg version that exists of this show.

Date & Venue:
12th and 13th December 1992 at The Coach House, San Juan
Capistrano, CA
Sound Quality:
A (soundboard)
Lineage: Westwood One rough mix master > cassette tape > CDR > WAV > FLAC > WAV > CDR
Last Update: 01 January 2006, fmfanuk