Fleetwood Mac - Insight (BBC Interview) Nov 1976
Track List:
Interview with Mick, John Christine, Lindsey and Stevie from Nov 1976
Running Time: 59:30

Full transcript available on the FMLegacy Site http://www.fmlegacy.com/articles/interview_insight76.html

This interview is part of a British (probably BBC) radio programme called "Insight", broadcast in November 1976, i.e. before "Rumours" was released.  All 5 members of the band are present, with a British Interviewer.  At various points during the programme there is a Voiceover explaining various things that make the story flow better.  Practically everything that is said can be heard clearly, and also there is the usual background noise of people pouring drinks etc.  They're obviously sitting on leather chairs because you can also hear the leather squeak as they move around.
Date & Venue:
1976, Radio Show
Sound Quality:
Umknown-> CDR
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