Fleetwood Mac - Backbeat Interview with Laura Gross 1976
Track List:
Interview with Mick, John, Lindsey, Christine and Stevie
Can you believe that John actually talks more than Stevie in this interview?! The most I've ever heard John talk. He apparently has had too much to drink in this interview, he calls Christine a cow and tells her to shut up, Christine tells John to stop drinking for once to which John replies that she drives him to drink. Lindsey becomes a little brisk with John and tells him to be a little more civil. Besides that they discuss the breakups, the fans, their writing process, why they think they're unique, plus more. This is a very good interview! (Description taken from Ali's Bootleg Page)

Running Time: 30:27
Date & Venue:
1976, Radio Show
Sound Quality:
Unknown-> CDR
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