Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Reel to Reels (Vol. 2)

Track List:
1.That's Enough for Me (Album version)
2.Brown Eyes (Extended)
3.You'll Never Make Me Cry (Album version)
4.I Know I'm Not Wrong (Early mix-No backup vocal)
5.Think About Me (Early mix-No backups)
6.Over And Over (Christine is humming in the intro-Some missing backup vocals-Extended Stevie vocal)
7.That's All For Everyone (Instrumental with hand claps)
8.Never Forget (Alternate mix-More guitar-No backup vocals)
9.What Makes You Think You're the One (Album version)
10.That's All For Everyone (Album version)
11.Not That Funny (Album version)
12.Not That Funny (Album-May be a slightly different version)
13.Save Me A Place (Album version)
14.Walk A Thin Line (Instrumental)
15.Honey Hi (Cold intro/Ending-No backup vocals)
16.That's Enough For Me (Early mix)
17.You'll Never Make Me Cry (Piano version/Demo)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Collection of alt mixes and outtakes from the Tusk Sessions
Recording Dates:
1978 - 1979
Sound Quality:
Studio Recordings -> Unknown -> CDR
Last Update: 3rd January 2014, fmfanuk