Fleetwood Mac - Tusk Outtakes (vol. 3)

Track List:
1. Angel (live rehearsal)
2. Beautiful Child (no back-up vocals)
3. Beauty And The Beast (blues style version)
4. The Dealer
5. Fireflies,
6. Lady From The Mountain
7. Sara (cleaning lady version)
8. Sisters Of the Moon (45 mix)
9. Storms (drums mix)
10. Angel (boxed set version)
11. Sisters Of The Moon (piano demo)
12. Beautiful Child (boxed set version)
13. Fireflies (outtake)
14. Sisters Of the Moon (complete lyrics)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
This is the same collection as Tusk Take 2. Collection of alt mixes and outtakes from the Tusk Sessions
Recording Dates:
1978 - 1979
Sound Quality:
Mixed, but overall good (Studio Recordings)
Studio Recordings -> Unknown -> CDR
Last Update: 3rd January 2014, fmfanuk