Fleetwood Mac - The Other Side Of the Mask

Track List:
1. In The Back Of My Mind (alternate version)
2. Hard Feelings (alternate version)
3. Do You Know (alternate version)
4. Behind The Mask (alternate version, heavy drum mix)
5. Save Me (alternate version)
6. When It Comes To Love (alternate version)
7. Got No Ho me (unreleased outtake, Rick Vito vocals)
8. Intuition (unreleased outtake, Rick Vito vocals)
9. Affairs Of the Heart (alternate version)
10. When The Sun Goes Down (alternate version)
11. Affairs Of The Heart #2 (alternate longer version)
12. Victim Of Love (unreleased outtake, Billy Burnette vocals)
13. Save Me #2 (alternate version)
14. Save Me (live version from 1990)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Outtakes and Demos from the Behind The Mask sessions
Recording Dates:
1988 - 1990
Sound Quality:
A- (audience)
Last Update: 2nd January 2014, fmfanuk