Fleetwood Mac - Other Side Of The Mac (alt. versions, dance versions, extended versions)
CDR x3

Track List:
CD 1:
Little Lies (dub), Landslide (98 remix), Down Endless Streets, Love Shines, Fireflies (remix), Make Me A Mask, Everywhere (ext), Teen Beat, Big Love (house on the hill dub), Sisters Of the Moon (tusk remix), Another Woman (live), Family Man (I'm A Jazz Man dub), Lizard People, Go Insane (dance version), Gypsy (long version).

CD 2:
Silver Springs, Isn't It Midnight (re-edited alt version), Big Love (piano dub), Little Lies (ext), Gypsy (dance version), Family Man (ext guitar version), Seven Wonders (ext), You & I Part 1, Paper Doll, That's All For Everyone (Tusk remix), Everywhere (live), Book Of Miracles, No Questions Asked, Cool Water, Over my head (dance version).

CD 3:
Family Man (ext vocal mix), Heart of Stone, The Chain (live), Everywhere (dub), Ricky, Big Love (ext), Gold Dust Woman (dance version), As long As You Follow, Seven Wonders (dub), Think About Me (Tusk remix), Little Lies (live), Fireflies (long version), Goodbye Angel, Family Party (bonus beats), Songbird (dance version)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Collection of alt mixes, outtakes, demos and remixes from Fleetwood Mac
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