Fleetwood Mac - Missing Links
CDR x3

Track List:
Disk One: 
Monday Morning (live in Studio demo), Say You Love Me (live in Studio demo), Warm Ways (live In Studio Demo), Second Hand News (demo), Oh Daddy (demo), Silver Springs (demo), Songbird (alt demo with guitar), Dreams (demo), Watch Devil (Tusk demo, not version from the Almanac), Beauty and the Beast (rare Blues demo from the Tusk Album, never before heard, sounds great!!!), Walk A Thin Line (rare acoustic demo, hear Lindsey write the words), Sisters Of The Moon (rare demo with additional ending lyrics, So we make our choices.....Sounds Great), Sara (very rare alt version, not the cleaning lady version, sounds great!), I Know I'm Not Wrong (demo), Take A Little Time (Unreleased song from Tusk).

Disc Two: 
Think About Me (rare Tusk demo), Angel (live Rehearsal), Sara (rare live instrumental) Save Me A Place (live In Studio), The Highway Man (rare demo Version), Think About It (rare demo), Trouble (live 1982 Rehearsal, sounds great!)  Wish You Were Here (rare live rehearsal), Gypsy (Rare demo, not on MIRAGE OUTTAKES, sounds great!), Eyes Of The World (very rare demo with Stevie and Lindsey, also Stevie throws in some lyrics from Enchanted, sounds great!!!), If You Were My Love (rare Mirage demo, not on Mirage Outtakes CD)  I've Been Loving You Too Long (Old Otis Redding song by Lindsey and Stevie), The Chain (rare Rehearsal, hear the band mess up and joke during the song), Got A Hold On Me (live), The Witch (rare Stevie demo), China Doll (demo).

Disc Three: 
Talk To Me (alt. demo). Juliet (VERY RARE Tango outtake, rock version), Isn't It Midnight (alt mix), When I See You Again (great alt version with Stevie singing alone at the end), Big Love (rare demo), Seven Wonders (rare unreleased Pro Recording, from Salt Lake City 1987), Little Lies (rare unreleased Pro Recording, Salt Lake City 1987), Stop Messin Around (live, Wembley 1988). Hard Feeling (rare alt version), Affairs of the Heart (rare alt version), Do You Know (rare alt version) Maybe Love (rare alt version), Dreaming the Dream (rare live 95 unreleased), Silver Springs (M.S.G thanksgiving fantastic 97 version)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Revised three disc set with slight better sound quality.
Recording Dates:
Sound Quality:
Overall mixed B+/B-
Last Update: 3rd January 2014, fmfanuk