Fleetwood Mac - Demos, Outtakes, B-Sides & Rarities
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Track List:
Disc 1:
Fireflies (Single Mix)
Big Love (Demo)
Love In Store (Outtake)
The Dealer (Outtake)
Book Of Miracles (B-Side)
Tusk (Outtake)
Beautiful Child (Outtake)
Warm Ways (Demo)
Ricky (Outtake)
Smile At You (Outtake)
Gypsy (Demo)
You'll Never Make Me Cry (Demo)
Thrown Down (Wall Of Sound)
Sisters Of The Moon (Outtake)
If You Were My Love (Outtake)
I Know I'm Not Wrong (Vinyl Version)
Storms (Demo)

Disc 2:
Over & Over (Outtake)
Joan Of Arc (Demo)
Eyes Wide Shut (Demo)
Brown Eyes (Instrumental)
Down Endless Street (B-Side)
Sara (Outtake)
Little Lies (Instrumental Demo)
Hold Me (Demo)
Seven Wonders (Outtake)
Oh Diane (Outtake)
Say You Will (Single Mix)
Isn't It Midnight (Outtake)
You & I [Part 1] (B-Side)
Everywhere (Outtake)
Angel (Outtake)
Cool Water (B-Side)
Wish You Were Here (Outtake)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
Collection of outtakes, demos, b-sides and alternate versions from Fleetwood Mac. This collection is sourced from MP3 and can be provided burnt to CD or as MP3 tracks via download.
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