Stevie Nicks - (Thrown Down) Video Anthology 4 "Twisted" DVD
Track List:

01. Stand Back (Saturday Night Live, 12/10/83)
02. Nightbird (Saturday Night Live, 12/10/83)
03. Stand Back (Solid Gold, January 1984)
04. Nightbird (Solid Gold, January 1984)
05. Rooms On Fire (Top Of The Pops, 05/11/89)
06. Stand Back (Arsenio Hall Show, August 1991)*
07. Love's A Hard Game To Play (Arsenio Hall Show, August 1991)
08. Blue Denim (Letterman, 08/02/94)
09. Blue Denim + Interview (Leno, 08/23/94)
10. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You + Rhiannon (Letterman, 06/16/98)
11. Dreams (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
12. Landslide (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
13. Stand Back (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
14. Rhiannon (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
15. After The Glitter Fades (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
16. Edge Of Seventeen (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
17. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (Storytellers, 08/18/98)
18. Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow Storytellers, 10/18/98)
19. Gold Dust Woman (Central Park, 09/14/99)*
20. Silent Night (White House, 12/14/00)
21. Fall From Grace (Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, 04/11/01)
22. Everyday (Rosie O'Donnell, 05/05/01)
23. Sorcerer (Radio Music Awards, 10/26/01)
24. Landslide (Divas Las Vegas, 08/15/02)*
25. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Divas Las Vegas, 08/15/02)
26. C'mon C'mon (C'mon Make Some Noise, 06/03/02)
27. Landslide (Today Show, 09/28/05)
28. Stand Back (Today Show, 09/28/05)
29. Dreams (Today Show, 09/28/05)
30. Landslide (Allan Border Medal, 02/06/06)*
*very pixelly

Notes (from original Bootlegger):
Stevie Nicks Video Anthology DVD4 - Twisted
V. TV Live Performances

This DVD contains various Stevie TV performances from the Wild Heart era till now. I used video files that I downloaded over the years. Unfortunately some videos are missing, like C'mon C'mon with Sheryl and Natalie on Leno and Sorcerer from C'mon Make Some Noise (Breast Cancer Benefit), or the new Montreux videos. That is because I simply don't have them, lost them or they were simply to bad to burn them on DVD.

What was done?
I used various MPEG and WMV files that I downloaded and converted them from a bitrate of 150-500kbit/s to a bitrate of 5016kbit/s (standard play). When I tried to put the stuff together to this DVD I realized that I had to cut off the introductions, following interviews and the complete Storytellers, to make it fit in the DVD. I thought about reconverting and reburning the stuff, but it seemed to much more work until I realized that the audio was completely out of synch and the video was acting weird (because I used two different converters). So I decided to do it all over again and converted it to 3940kbit/s (a little bit more than long play), to make the 160 minutes fit on the DVD. The video quality varies strongly and can be pretty pixelly sometimes.
Following stuff was dubbed with various MP3 files (lossy, well obviously) that I still had:
- Fall From Grace (Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, 04/11/01)
- Everyday (Rosie O'Donnell, 05/05/01)
- Sorcerer (Radio Music Awards, 10/26/01)
Landslide from VH1 Divas was left channel only, I converted the audio to mono an then back to "fake" stereo, to get the sound to both channels. After about 2 hours of trying to get it synchron with the released audio (same with Gold Dust Woman from Central Park), I gave up, because my new program (the one I didn't have to convert it to AVI), was simply not able to do it for me.

Although some files are pixelly, I decided to leave this DVD in 4:3, which I regret sometimes, while I am watching it, but it was the best decision. For me this is definite the hlighlight of this set and I am most proud of it (along with DVD 1)

This compilation (and the rest of it) is a Stevie-only production and Fleetwood Mac members only appear in it by chance. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think of it. DVD is fully chaptered with menu.

Notes (from fmfanuk)
This compilation is referred to as the Stevie Nicks (Thrown Down) Video Anthology so not to confuse it with other anthologies.

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Date & Venue:
TV Live Performances 1983 - 2006
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: A/B+, Sound Quality: A-
Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
Pro Shot -> Unknown -> PAL 4:3 DVD
Last Update: 02 September 2006, fmfanuk