Stevie Nicks - (Thrown Down) Video Anthology 3 "Maybe Love" DVD
Track List:

01. How Still My Love (Mountain View, 10/20/89)
02. Two Kinds Of Love (Mountain View, 10/20/89)
03. Edge Of Seventeen (Mountain View, 10/20/89)
04. Talk To Me (Concord, 08/14/91)
05. Beauty And The Beast (Concord, 08/14/91)
06. Rooms On Fire (Concord, 08/14/91)
07. If Anyone Falls (Concord, 08/14/91)
08. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? (Concord, 08/14/91)
09. Rhiannon (Concord, 08/14/91)
10. Landslide (Concord, 08/14/91)
11. Docklands (Pittsburgh, 07/29/94)
12. Stand Back (Pittsburgh, 07/29/94)
13. Destiny (Pittsburgh, 07/29/94)
14. Edge Of Seventeen (Pittsburgh, 07/29/94)
15. Twisted (Boston Mix Fest, 10/12/96)
16. Enchanted (Hartford, 05/27/98)
17. Planets Of The universe (Atlanta, 07/30/01)
18. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Bonnaroo Festival, 06/16/06)
19. Insider (Bonnaroo Festival, 06/16/06)
20. American Girl (Bonnaroo Festival, 06/16/06)

Notes (from original Bootlegger):
Stevie Nicks Video Anthology DVD3 - Maybe Love
IV. Live Concert Videos 1989-2006

This DVD contains various live professional and audience shots from the time of 1989 till now. I used video files that I downloaded over the years.

What was done?
- Mountainview, CA, 10/20/89: Pro-Shot video, pretty good quality compared to the other versions I have seen of it. Audio Quality A-, Video Quality A-/B+
- Concord, 08/14/91: Pro-Shot video, original download remained unchanged. Audio Quality A-, Video Quality A-/B+
- *Pittsburgh, 07/29/94: One of few audience shots of that tour. Pretty rare videos, but fun to watch (if you can see anything at all). Audio Quality A-/B, Video Quality B+/B-
- *Boston Mix Fest, 10/12/96: Audience shot, with shaking camera. Audio Quality A-, Video Quality B+
- *Hartford, 05/27/98: Audience shot. Audio Quality A-, Video Quality A
- *Atlanta, 07/30/01: Audience shot. Audio Quality A-, Video Quality A-

*Unfortunately, I had no pro-shots of that tour, so I had to take audience tapes, to include some songs that were barely performed.

The DVD was made into 16:9, because otherwise the video would look stretched and the quality would be worse. This compilation (and the rest of it) is a Stevie-only production and Fleetwood Mac members only appear in it by chance. I hope you like it and please let me know what you think of it.

DVD is fully chaptered with menu.

Notes (from fmfanuk)
DVD is authored in 16:9 PAL, which means it may play in a small square of your TV, if you have a zoom option on your TV this may help, sound drops out from one one channel to another at various points, overall quality is about a B+. This compilation is referred to as the Stevie Nicks (Thrown Down) Video Anthology so not to confuse it with other anthologies.

Sample Screen Grabs

Date & Venue:
1989 - 2006
Sound / Visual Quality:
Picture Quality: B+, Sound Quality: B+
PAL Picture Signal, 2 channel AC3 Audio Signal
Pro Shot / Audience -> Unknown -> PAL 16:9 DVD
Last Update: 02 September 2006, fmfanuk