Stevie Nicks - Talk To Me Video Compilation
Track List:
1.Sneak Peek Video #1-Edge of Seventeen/Video #2-Stand Back (Civil War version-Too bad the footage is cut, Because it is the clearest version I have seen of this version.)
2.Insider video (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-Below average footage)
3.Talk to Me (Video #1)
4.Talk to Me (Video #2)
5."Chas Sanford who wrote..." (MTV Top 20 Video Countdown-#5 Talk to Me)
6.Stand Back
7.Late Show with David Letterman (Satiring skit on Stevie's non-appearance on his show)
8.Late Show with David Letterman (More satiring skits on Stevie's non-appearances.)
9.Alternate version of the video Talk to Me (Outtakes-Man, Y'all should be glad this version wasn't the officially released version!!!)
The Atlanta Journal/Atlanta Constitution Video Edition-"Tracking-Music Magazine"
10.Interview with Cara Cooke (A middle school aged girl who appeared in the video for "Talk to Me". This lil' girl looks near-identical to Stevie Nicks.)
11."He did Twisted Sister's..." (Cara Cooke interview continued)
12.Interview with Benmont Tench & Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
13.Cara Cooke interview continued
14."She get a big head..." (Cara Cooke interview continued)

Notes (from Bootlegger):
This DVD contains several versions of the video for the song "Talk to Me", The real bonus is the "Alternate version of the video Talk to Me" which has the ugliest stage set/background I have ever seen on a video...Thankfully someone else must have thought so since this footage was never used in the actual video.

Once again thanks goes to David O., For providing me with this footage...Which will now be freely Bootlegd about.

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