Stevie Nicks - European TV Reel
Track List:

1."One To One" Interview w/Stevie Nicks recorded for UK TV 1989 (28 mins)

Interview w/Stevie Nicks recorded for UK TV. Stevie starts off talking about her wardrobe that she wore to this interview and being compared to Mae West. She then proceeds to talk about when she joined Fleetwood Mac and not wanting "Rhiannon" to be released as a single so "Rhiannon" will not fail and that "Rhiannon will not fall flat on her face", And how she was wrong, But how she could have also been right had it failed. Stevie talks about meeting her "babie Rhiannon's" (People who are named after the classic song). Stevie is asked where did she get her inspiration from, And gives a lengthy an explanation how she writes on the typewriter and her 25,000 pages of her thoughts/words that she has kept for 14 years. Stevie talks about not wanting to be "Trained and following rules" and how the 3 Brits of Fleetwood Mac believe they are "aristocrats/monarchs" & "arrogant" (But arrogant in a good way). Other topics discussed are the breakups that happened in Fleetwood Mac, Her closeness to Christine McVie ("Like a sister, a mother"), Her Mother being the "dearest thing in her life", Her motivation to carry on in the music industry ("Love" of doing it..."), Bowing to pressure and keeping her own essence, What the song "Rooms On Fire" is about. This is a great interview that is recommended.

2.Rooms on Fire (Lip sync performance/Stevie in a Red Dress on Top Of The Pops 1989)

3.Rooms on Fire (Live vocal performance/Stevie in a Black Dress)

The Other Side Of The Mirror Documentary with Roger Scott 1989
Stevie discusses that much of the song "Alice" is about herself and "running" back and forth between "Fleetwood Mac and my solo career". She also discusses the meaning of the song "Rooms On Fire", She is asked what makes TOSOTM "most special" compared to here other albums. She mentions wanting the songs on the TOSOTM album to be able to be produced on the stage and how Lindsey upset her by adding too much material upon her Fleetwood Mac songs since she wasnt around and how it was "too bad". Stevie says she is able to balance her solo career and her career in Fleetwood Mac. Other topics discussed are her journals, "When the long nets of white clouded my brain" she will read back over her life with her writings and how she could never be a good fiction writer, being possessive and having a great life. Stevie also reads her poem "And the Children go On" directly from one of her journals. Stevie explains she writes her best songs when she is sad ("I never write a happy song..."). Contains a clip of the song "Wild Heart" performed backstage during a makeup session in 1980 (Filmed by a "fly on the wall"), a live clip of "Stand Back" from the July 7,1983-Landover, MD show and an acoustic piano version "Doing The Best I Can" which features Stevie along with Sharon & Lori.

5.Rapido (Italian interview?/Backstage footage)

6.UK Interview about Stevie's history w/footage from the Tango In the Night tour (Stevie is dressed in a cream white dress), Talking at length about her friend Tom Petty and other various topics.

7.Rock Steady TV show with live performances by Fleetwood Mac of the following songs (Great looking footage):
   Save Me
   In the Back of my Mind
   Stand on the Rock
   Go Your Own Way (Played over the closing credits)

8.Mick Fleetwood interview on GMTV 1990
Promoting his auto-biography includes the music video for the Fleetwood Mac track "In the Back of my Mind".

9.Stevie Nicks Music Box Profile

10.Promo interview for Wembley Arena shows including interview footage of Stevie interspliced with the music video for the Fleetwood Mac song "Everywhere".

11.PIT TV Interview (Germany/Translation of Stevie from English to German for german TV viewers)

12.Sky News interview with Christine McVie & Stevie Nicks (Featuring John Tesh)
Notes (from Bootlegger):
All the interviews on this DVD are average in appearance but they very clear and are worth a watch, Especially the "One To One" interview...Contains a few minor visual dropouts due to the tape sources used, But otherwise this disc contains some great interview footage from 1989-1990.

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